How To Choose a Nerf Gun

Games with guns have grown in popularity, especially in the realm of video games. If you want to experience live play with a gun without the injuries and the risks of playing with live guns, you can try out the Nerf guns, which are toys that fire a variety of ammunition. You can use these to play target games with your friends or your children. Here’s how to choose a Nerf gun that is compatible with you and other players.

  1. Age. The age of the player is one of the primary factors that will decide the type of Nerf gun that you will use. Small children should not be allowed to play with Nerf guns, since these are potentially dangerous when used by small children. Even children who are old enough to play with the Nerf guns should always be trained properly first, before being allowed to use the guns. Teach the basic rules such as no hitting in the body and using targets.
  2. Ammunition. Next, consider the type of ammunition that will be loaded into the gun. Some people choose ammunition according to the guns that they have purchased. However, it is best to choose the gun according to the ammunition which is safest for you and the players. For very young players, for instance you can choose the Nerf guns that fire small balls. These will be less painful in case some kids decide to use the Nerf guns on other children. There are also other guns that operate with darts or with pellets that have suction cups on the end.
  3. Dart tag sets. Consider buying dart tag sets, which will allow you to play accuracy games with the Nerf guns. These are much safer to play and can be just as fun as other target games. The dart tag sets come with the weapons, ammunition, eye wear for up to two players, and a target vest. Be sure that all of the players know that only the target vest should be hit.
  4. Disc shots. Another great game that can be played using the Nerf guns is disc shooting. There are N-Strike Disc Sets that will allow you to fire Nerf discs via a controller. Once the discs are on the air, players can aim and bring the discs down. Keep in mind, however, that micro-darts are usually used for games with disc shots, since the micro darts will be able to move faster over longer distances, compared to the usual darts that are heavier and which will not travel too far.
  5. Purpose. You can also choose a Nerf gun according to your skills and the purpose of the game. There are games that call for accuracy, in which case you can use the NiteFinder. There are also guns that are designed for long shots, such as the Long Shot CS-6. There are also machine guns that fire rapid ammunition, such as the Vulcan, the Magstrike, and the Rapid Fire.

With these in mind, you can get a Nerf gun that will meet your playing demands. As you play the game, be sure to keep safety in mind, and that there is adult supervision to ensure that the game is fun without having to be dangerous.


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