How To Choose a Paragliding Motor

If you have always wondered how it feels to fly, paragliding is one of the sports that you should consider. Paragliding, however, will require you to get a motor that will propel you forward and get you soaring through the sky. There are plenty of paragliding motor manufacturers out there, and making the final decision can be difficult. Here are some steps that will help you cut down the choices and select the best motor for you.

  1. Power. Different motors come with different propeller powers. Some will be able to push you farther and faster than others, while others may take a bit more time to get you off into the air. Keep in mind, however, that each paragliding motor is meant to work, and a little less power will only mean a lag of a few seconds. Because racing through paragliding is not actually done, you do not need the extra push and buying a very powerful motor is an option instead of a necessity.
  2. Noise level. There are some motors that are noisier than others. Remember that the paragliding motor will be placed directly on your ride, near the back part. A very noisy motor can be annoying especially if you are planning on taking prolonged paragliding flights. There are, however, some motors which can be very quite but which may come with a very hefty price tag.
  3. Manufacturer. When choosing a paragliding manufacturer, it is best to choose one that is made from a trusted manufacturer. Look at the motors that other paragliders are using and you will have an idea of which motor is best. If there are professional paragliders who have experienced a variety of motors, you can also ask for recommendations and referrals. This is particularly useful if you have never purchased a paragliding motor before. Keep in mind, however, that some manufacturers will price their products higher than others.
  4. Instructor. Another person that can help you find the best paragliding motor is the instructor in a paragliding school. One of the advantages of getting advice from your instructor is that he will be able to refer you to technicians who can service your motor in case something goes wrong. Keep in mind, however, that the primary mechanic and technician who will repair the motor will be you. Eventually, you should be able to fix the machine yourself, especially if you are considering paragliding as a long term hobby. With help from an instructor, however, you will get a head start and can glean advice from your flight instructor.
  5. Price. Finally, consider the price for the paragliding motor. There are some units that can be very expensive, while others that are very cheap. It is best to choose a motor that is priced in between. Too cheap and the materials and quality of manufacturing may be poor. Too expensive and you can end up with a broken bank account.

There is no single motor brand that you can choose when it comes to paragliding motors. It all depends on what you need, what you can work with, and what you want. With these in mind, you should be able to end up with a good paragliding motor.


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