How To Choose an Audition Side

Acting is one common talent that most people wished they had acquired. It is basically based on conveying emotions and delivering lines properly. Because of this, aspiring actors prepare an audition side that will lead them to the limelight. An audition side is a short monologue that shows off how you read and deliver lines while putting the correct emotions into them. Some audition sides that are commonly used are Shakespeare’s literary pieces like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. There are actually a lot of audition sides to choose from, but you must know how to choose the right one for you. If you don’t want to end up messing on stage, try following the guide below in choosing the audition side that is best for you.

  1. Look for a scene of people having a conversation. Restrict your choice to two people so that the reading of lines wouldn’t confuse you. Auditioning for a role basically starts with the reading of the lines. So before you do, review your lines and be in character before entering the stage.
  2. Literary pieces that are good for audition sides can be tiring and overwhelming to read. Bear in mind that reading pays off. You might stumble upon scenes with striking lines. These are usually good audition sides because you can convey intense emotions especially when delivered as it should be.
  3. Choose a character that best portrays your real personality. If you are more of a villain, choose a scene where you can show your ‘villain-ness’. This way, you can show acting that is smooth and natural. Aspirants who are not in character usually lack emotion and don’t know how to deliver lines effectively.
  4. Select the genre that you are best at. If you are good in delivering punch lines, go for comedy. If those eyes can bring tears easily, set up a drama scene. Assess yourself to do this so that you can narrow down your choices of audition sides. 
  5. Like your natural personality, you should as well consider your age range so that you can perfectly relate to the character that you are trying to act out. However, there are some talent search that lets you explore your comfort zone and eventually your unsafe zone. They do this to assess one’s versatility.
  6. A good audition side must have a conflict with it. You should not merely tell a story, rather, spice it up with scenes that would capture the heart of viewers. Choose a side of the argument that shows your strength in acting.
  7. Aside from your audition side, you should know what kind of materials can be used as props during your audition. You must be particular with these materials and see to it that they can liven up the scene.
  8. Do not feel overwhelmed and intimidated of being in front of the stage. Clear your senses and do your best while on stage. Act like it is your last time to act and think that you’re doing what you do best.

Whatever your aspirations are, you should know the things to consider and thus, come up with a good audition. Whether you make it or not, at least you have made an impression to the audience and get favorable feedback.


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