How To Choose Between Types of Bird Baths

Bird baths are great to have in the garden and backyard. There is nothing more relaxing than hearing birds chirping freely in your garden and the water trickling from a distance. As long as you provide clean water in your bird bath, the birds will regularly visit and soon enough, a good variety of birds will be visiting as well. However, choosing for the right bird bath for your garden needs proper planning. Remember, this will be a part of your garden so you need to choose carefully.

Bird baths come in different types, sizes and colors. The options available maybe overwhelming but to help narrow down your selection, you need to focus on your objective. These bird baths are for birds and you need to ensure their safety and keep their water source available. These needs should be your top priority. The bird bath should also be able to enhance your garden or backyard. So to guide you through the selection process, below are the types of bird baths with information that are extremely important for you to know.

Pedestal Bird bath. This is the most common type of bird bath and is readily available in the stores. If you are in an area with warm weather, then you can choose this type of bird bath. The only factor that you need to consider is getting the right size and design for your garden. It is best to choose for the size and design that will not overwhelm your garden. You can take a photo of your garden and bring it with you to help you decide if it will be suitable or not.

Heated bird bath. If you live in a cold weather, then the heated bird bath is the best option for you. This will provide the birds drinking water anytime of the day especially during winter where water is scarce. The heating system is also safe for the birds and consumes minimal amount of electricity.

Fountain bird bath. Birds are attracted with the trickling of water so if you want to make sure that your bird bath will be visited by local birds, then you may opt for this type of bird bath. The fountain also adds a feeling of warmth and serenity to anyone who will visit your garden.

Hanging bird bath. If you do not have enough space in the garden, then the hanging bird bath is the best option for you. This is also the best option if you have large pets at home and you cannot find a safe place to install the bird bath. This type is easy to install and can be easily mounted to your balcony or wall. However, if you are unsure and want more options, then you can check for the hanging bird bath that can be converted to pedestal type. This way, you can convert it to hanging or pedestal bird bath anytime you wish.

Deck mount bird bath. The deck mount bird bath is great to have if you have children at home. This type can be attached to windows so you can see the birds closely while they take a refreshing bath.



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