How To Contact Famous Celebrities

Seeing famous people on the covers of magazines and reading about their antics online might make you feel like you know them. In reality, these celebrities are as distant from you as any stranger could be. It is possible to contact famous celebrities but it does take some work. If you want to send a note to your favorite celeb, consider following these steps.


  1. Start with a fan website search. With a general Google or Yahoo search of the internet you can find fan websites for most celebrities. There are fan sites that offer the chance to email your favorite star or add a message on their message board. Some stars even blog on their fan sites and receive comments through the blog.
  2. Research at Imbd is the Internet Movie Database. For a fee you can access the site for information regarding the professional history of the celebrity. You can also find out what new projects the star is working on and what agency represents them. With the agent information you have what you need to make contact through official channels.
  3. Make a request through the agent. Once you have the name and address of the celebrity's agent you can send them a letter or email. Either contact the agent with a request for instructions to contact the star or send a letter to the star and ask that the agent forward the correspondence.
  4. Prepare a letter or email. Spend some time thinking about what you want to say. Celebrities receive tons of fan mail each year and one more letter probably won't make an impression. Feel free to express your admiration for their body of work. But try to avoid spouting how much you love them or how you fantasize that you wish her husband was dead so you could replace him. Remember that celebrities may be famous but they are still people you don't really know.
  5. Make a simple request. Ask yourself why you are contacting the famous celebrity. Would you like an autographed photo or some response from the star? Once you know what you are looking for, you might consider making a simple request. Stars may send an autographed photo in answer to a request.
  6. Provide a return address and envelope. If you expect a response then consider providing a return address and postage paid envelope. This courtesy increases the chance that your request and your letter will be answered.
  7. Be patient. Remember that famous celebrities may get hundreds of letters and emails each day. They often have personal assistants who consider reading and answering this mail to be just a small part of their daily activities. You cannot expect a quick response so be patient and avoid sending multiple requests in a short period of time.

It is possible for you to contact a famous celebrity. You won't become his new best friend but you can send correspondence that lets him know how much you admire him and his work.



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how 'bout writing a sort of like a good tribute article about the celeb on the internet - this could catch attention. who knows it could be even linked to the star's website :)

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