How To Create Everyday

7 Tips for Embracing the Daily Creativity Habit

The key to consistent creativity is to create everyday. So just go and do that and you'll be more creative than you've ever been before. Thanks for reading. The End.

Except it's not quite that simple, or you'd be doing it already, and wouldn't be reading this article for tips, right?

So here are 7 useful tips for helping you to embrace that daily creative habit, and start to see the tremendous benefits it brings:

  1. Start with a small chunk of time and build. If you haven't created regularly for some time, there's no point setting yourself a goal of creating for 3 hours solid each day. Even if you created for 2 and a half, you'd perceive it as a failure. Start with just 15 minutes each day. If you run over and create for longer, that's a great bonus!
  2. Define a space to create in. Doesn't matter how often you go to create if each time you go to your creative space, it's buried under paperwork and clutter and it takes 20 minutes just to find a pencil or paintbrush. Organise a creative space that you feel calm and comfortable in, and that you can go to and dive headlong into creating in a matter of moments.
  3. Find your best time to create. Do you feel more energetic and inspired first thing in the morning? Maybe you prefer to create late at night when the world around you is sleeping? Or maybe you like to create in the afternoons? Experiment to find your naturally preferred time to create, then stick with it to help yourself create more easily.
  4. Take the long-term view. If you begin creating everyday, then after two days say: "Nope, doesn't work, I STILL haven't finished my novel," you're being unrealistic in your expectations. Creating everyday is a long-term plan for creative success, based on steady consistent steps. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that showing up to create each day is in itself a massive step to consistent creativity.
  5. Learn your most productive time cycles. Once you've started to create each day, you can explore the time cycles that work best. Do you prefer to create for 15 minutes, 4 times a day to keep yourself fresh and inspired? Or would you rather get stuck and create for 2 or 3 hours without distraction? Again, find what helps you be most productive and creative.
  6. Have some creative goals. Before you run screaming at the mention of the word "goal,"  these needn't be intimidating. Saying: "I'm going to create 15 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks" is a great goal, and as soon as you state a goal and write it down, you're already more motivated and committed than having a "maybe tomorrow if I feel like but I can't promise anything" kind of attitude.
  7. Get some support. An extension of writing down a few goals is to then tell others about them.  Again, this gives you greater focus and determination. Share your aims with a creative friend or find a group either locally or online that will help you stay motivated. On the flip side, supporting others in their daily creativity will bring its own substantial reward and good feelings.

Follow through on these tips and you can't help but see an increase in your creativity as you adopt that daily creativity habit into your life.

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