How To Create Personalized CDs as Wedding Favors

If you’re having a wedding, one of the things you have to think about is what wedding favor to give out to your guests. You want to pick something for your guests to remember your by that will be representative of you as a couple, and yet is thoughtful and fits within your budget.

A fun and creative trend is to create a personalized CD as a wedding favor! It’s practical, thoughtful and isn’t too expensive, especially if you have hundreds of guests.


1.    If your computer has a CD or DVD burner, you should be able to burn a disk. You can create a playlist on iTunes and transfer it to disk.

2.    Choose the songs you want to put on the CD. You can pick a theme, such as your favorite love songs, or songs that have special meaning to you as a couple. If you prefer, you can make two or three different playlists with varying themes. For example, one disk can have love songs or sentimental music. A second playlist can have dance tracks of songs you’ll be playing at your wedding. A third one can be a mix of both playlists. It’s up to you.

Create a playlist of about ten to twelve songs. You can get songs from existing CDs, downloading music online or going to music sharing sites such as Limewire or 4shared.

Make sure that the number of songs you choose will fit in the disks you will buy. To be safe, buy CDRs that are at least 90 minutes long.

3.    Make a count of how many CDs you will need to make and buy an entire spindle of disks. Check your guest list and base the number of CDs you will make from there.

4.    Purchase your supplies. Aside from CDs, you will also need jewel cases, ink for your printer and a disk label kit. If you’ll be tying ribbons on the jewel cases, then you need to have that as well.

5.    When you are ready to burn the tracks onto a disk, you will need to do this one disk at a time. This process is time consuming so be prepared to do other things while waiting for the disks to burn.

6.    Print out the sticker label with the song titles of your CD. You can further personalize the disks by scanning one of your pictures together and include your names and date of your wedding.

7.    Print out CD jackets to slide into your jewel case. It would be nice to have you and your fiancé’s picture on the jacket cover, along with the wedding date, time and place of the reception. Give your CD a snazzy name, such as “Bill and Emma’s Wedding Keepsake” or “Songs from the Heart from Henry and Angela”.

8.    If you don’t have the time or resources to create your CDs, have someone else make them for you. Someone may even offer to make the CDs for you as a gift. There are even websites that offer this service that charge a reasonable fee.

Consider this special keepsake as your wedding favor. It takes some time and effort, but it will be much appreciated by your guests.


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