How To Do Coin Tricks

Coin tricks are one of the simpler magic tricks or illusions that can be done even by amateurs with a little bit of practice. There are several resources available, both in real-time as well as on-line which will provide detailed descriptions and guidelines on how to do basic coin-based magic. This is an interesting hobby to take up; you can wow your family or guests with these tricks. Listed below are some of the coin tricks you can demonstrate at your next family gathering or party. Each trick is listed as a separate step with instructions mentioned in the same paragraph(s).

Step 1

Coin prediction. For this trick, you will need about 10-12 pennies or quarters and a hat or paper bag to put the coins into. Pass the paper bag or hat containing the coins among the audience, letting them check that each coin has a different date or denomination. Choose one member from the audience and ask him/her to pick one coin from the collection. The audience member should then pass around the chosen coin to the rest of the audience so all know which coin has been chosen. Then the coin should be dropped back into the container and the container carried over to the ‘magician' (you). Close your eyes and appearing to concentrate closely, dip your hand into the container and pick the selected coin out. Show the audience that the coin you picked up is the same that was previously chosen by a member of the audience. The trick - no complicated set-ups. The coin passed around amongst the audience will be warmer to the touch on account of being handled by so many people. When you put your hand into the hat or bag, simply seek out the one which feels warmer to the touch and pick it. Simple, isn't it?

Step 2

Making a coin vanish. This is a trick which should be done while seated on a chair with a table in front of you. Place a coin on the table and press down on the coin using the first three fingers of your right hand. Slide the coin towards yourself, making sure that it is completely covered by the fingers. Let the coin fall off into your lap without the audience seeing this. When your hand reaches towards the edge of the table touch the middle finger with the thumb, as though you're trying to lift the coin. Next, slide back the back towards the spot on the table where the coin was originally placed but a few inches away from the exact spot. Move your thumb in a circular motion to give the impression that the coin is disappearing. Then, slowly turn you hand over and spread the fingers, where the audience will see that there is no coin!! Let them speculate and try to figure it out.

Step 3

 Moving a coin through the palm. For this trick you will need one spectator from the audience, two similar coins and a small piece of clear adhesive tape or magician's wax. Ask the volunteer to place their hand with the palm facing upwards. Place your hand palm down on the volunteer's hand. Place the coin over the back of your hand. Explain to the audience that you will make the coin pass through your hand, from where it is placed on top of your hand, to the volunteer's palm with only one quick slap.The trick - already have one coin in place on your palm before you place it over the volunteer's palm.  Place your palm over the other hand quickly and in such a way that the other person cannot feel the coin hidden in your palm. On the palm of your other hand, place the clear tape or wax. Now, quickly slap the palm with the tape or wax over the coin placed on your other hand and remove that coin away surreptitiously. Then remove your palm from the volunteer's hand to ‘reveal' the coin lying in their palm instead!

Step 4

Producing money from your empty hands. This one will take a bit of practice before you're ready to demonstrate it to your family or friends. You will need a few dollar bills rolled into a tight cylindrical shape and stick this roll in one of the creases of your sleeve in a way that does not make it obvious. Now, sit at a table and invite someone to sit in front of you. Place both your hands on the table and flip them on both sides to show they are totally empty. Then further push up the cuffs and sleeve of the garment you're wearing (a jacket or shirt) to show there is nothing up your sleeves either. Make fists of your hands and site them over the table. They should be face to face such that the knuckles are touching each other. Then start pulling out the money using your thumbs and index fingers.

The trick: When you are pushing up the cuffs and sleeve to show nothing is hidden under them, palm the roll of bills from the crease in the sleeve and hold the roll between your fisted hands. Then using the thumbs and index fingers start rolling out the money in such a way that it seems to be appearing out of your fingertips.

The coin tricks described above (other than the last one which involves dollar bills) are simple tricks which you can master with a little practice. Read through the numerous books and guides that are available on magic tricks to improve your expertise and impress your family and guests.


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