How To Do Magic Tricks

Magic! A word that increases the pulse rate and brings a shine of anticipation to everyone's eyes. It takes you to a different world - a world of excitement, mystery and the unexplained. To be a part of this world, to be a magician, one requires passion and practice. Before you start out on magic, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Step 1

Performing magic. Practice public speaking or enroll for a public speaking or presentation skills course. Then invent a stage character for yourself and build a costume around it. Read and understand as much as you can about magic, its science and fundamentals. Also, watch as many performances of master magicians as you can get to watch. Learn a few basic tricks and become a master in them. Try to do the simpler ones with fewer or no props before you start on tougher ones. Practice is the one asset, which will hone your skills and differentiate a great magician from an average one. Like public speaking or acting classes, practicing in front of a mirror will help you work at your weak areas and polish your trick. Have a portfolio of tricks, which you practice, with family and friends. Then move on to tougher tricks once you have mastered the basic ones. For your act, have an ordered presentation and do not repeat your tricks in front of the same group. Lastly, NEVER reveal your secrets. This is the most important tenet for a magician.

Step 2

Some simple magic tricks. To get you started, here are a couple of tricks and a guide on how to perform them.

Step 3

The back-palming trick. This card trick can be started with one card till you are experienced enough to use more.

  • Hold a card between your thumb, index and middle fingers with the card face showing to the audience.
  • Now, act as if you are throwing the card up and make a fist as you do it. Slip the fingers behind the card. The thumb must be pressing against the knuckles and must be holding the card.
  • The longer sides of the card must be held between the knuckles - the upper long side held by the first and middle fingers' knuckles and the lower long side by the little and ring fingers' knuckles.
  • Next, loosen your thumb and stretch the fingers up and out, all the while holding the card. This should end with the card disappearing behind the hand. In this step keep your hands moving to ensure that your trick is not exposed.
  • Now keep you hand open, fingers stretched out... the corners of the card may perhaps be seen a bit but if you continue the hand movement, all should be well.
  • You have now back palmed a card!

Once you are an expert in back palming, you can do these steps in reverse order and grab a card out of thin air!

Step 4

The Instant Ice trick. This trick is about creating ice out of water by blowing on it - instantly! This trick needs a few props like some ice cubes, a sponge piece and an opaque cup (a disposable one will work well as you can get rid of it once your act is over with a flourish).

  • Prepare your props by inserting the sponge into the cup and then placing the ice cubes onto the sponge.
  • Begin the trick by pouring some water, about an ounce, into the cup. The sponge inside will absorb this water.
  • Now build the magic by gesturing your hands over the cup, blowing onto the cup and muttering magic words.
  • Take the cup and dump out the ice cubes.
  • Throw away the cup and accept the applause!

Nothing makes a magic trick perfect like practice does. With passion and practice, you can be well on your way to be like one of the magicians you now admire. So practice, practice, practice and voila! you ARE a magician!


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