How To Download Movies

There was a time when, in order to see a movie at home, you had to go out and visit a video store.  Then you had to rent the movie and bring it home - provided, of course, the video store actually had the movie you wanted to watch.  These days, however, you can now download a movie to your home computer or laptop and watch it immediately and just about anywhere you can get an internet connection

The first step in downloading a movie is to sign up for a movie download website.  Netflix, for example, not only delivers movies to your home via the mail but has a service that lets you download a movie and watch it immediately.  There are other movie download websites.  Some of them might require a monthly fee.  Some movie download software is similar to music sharing software.  Choose the method of downloading a movie that suits your needs and that you are most comfortable using.  Most of the movie downloading websites or software is very intuitive and extremely user-friendly; you should have no difficulty using it.

Once you sign up for the movie download site, you can explore the site to find the movie you want.  This can usually be done via a search engine located on the site.  In this case, you just enter the title of the movie you wish to download.  You can also browse one page at a time, since most movie download sites provide a description of the movie so you know you are downloading the correct movie.

Once you find the movie you want you click on the button marked “download.”  Your computer will immediately start to download the movie, but will ask where you want to save the movie.  Choose a spot on your hard drive to download the movie and then click “save.”  Your computer will automatically download the movie, provided your system has enough memory for the movie.

Once the movie has been downloaded to your computer, you can click on the movie and it will start playing.  You can use software such as the Windows Media Player or Apple's QuickTime.  There are other software packages which can allow you to watch your downloaded movie, but these are the most commonly used.  When you are done, you can keep the movie on the hard drive or you can erase the movie you downloaded by deleting it.  You now have enough room on your computer to download another movie if you wish. 


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