How To Draw a Circle and its Center Without Lifting your Pencil

‘I dare you to solve this...' these are words that will fire the competitive spirit in anyone. And when you are in a group, especially of children, you will have instant attention, if you ask them to solve a mind game for you.

One teaser, which is used, even in group exercises in organizations and educational institutions, is drawing a circle and its center without lifting a pencil. The approach to solving this is used to analyze and help people train their approach to problem solving in life and work environment.

Let me take you through the steps of solving this teaser here.

  • 1. Have your paper and pencil (or pen) ready
  • 2. Hold the pencil in readiness to start drawing
  • 3. Remember that once you put the pencil to the paper, you MUST NOT lift it off
  • 4. Now, draw one dot on the paper
  • 5. With the pencil tip continuing to be on the paper, take a corner of the paper and fold
  • 6. This should be such a way that the edge of the paper is just next to the dot you have just drawn
  • 7. Without taking the pencil from the paper, draw a straight line from the dot onto the corner which has been folded next to it
  • 8. Be cautious when you move onto the folded layer that the pencil remains on the paper
  • 9. Stop the line once you have the desired radius and begin drawing a circle, encompassing the dot
  • 10. Remember, the pencil tip must still be on the paper
  • 11. While circling, unfold the corner of the paper as soon as the pencil leaves the folded part
  • 12. Continue drawing to finish the circle
  • 13. Once the circle has been completed, take your pencil off with a flourish and stand back
  • 14. There you have it! A circle around a dot without lifting the pencil off the paper!

While you're showing this off, you needn't restrict yourself to the circular shape - it can be a square, a rectangle or any other geometric shape. It is always practice, which makes for a perfect presentation. So do try this when you are by yourself before demonstrating to others. Quickly grab a paper and start practicing. You need to be in form for tonight's party!


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