How To Find Cheap Theatre Tickets

Theatre shows can be the perfect way to spend some quality time with your loved one, or you can take a theatre break at the Broadway theater of your choice to relax and unwind after a particularly hectic week filled with overtime and lined up with one project after another. Enjoying fine acting, well composed music and extravagant sets can be quite expensive, however. To help you fit Broadway or any world venue for plays, musicals, and the like into your budget, here are the best places to find cheap discount theater tickets.

  • Promotional sales. Just as movies have to create their own promotional activities to entice people to watch the films, theaters also have promotional sales that are put out in advance. Keep in mind, however, that advanced promotional sales does not mean that you will get advanced screening privileges. This only means that you are reserving your ticket way ahead of time. The benefit is usually cheaper theatre tickets. Some Broadway shows, however, will actually offer discounts even on the advanced screenings, so keep an eye out for these. These promotional ticket sales will often be found in stalls in your local shopping mall or near the theater district.
  • Ticket agents. Get your theatre tickets from a direct source through ticket agents. Most theater productions will hire the help of professional ticket agents who will sell the tickets for the company. Since theater requires major productions, funding is a great issue for most shows that will be acted out. This means that ensuring and maintaining ticket sales is important. For this, agents are often used. An agent will usually have a wide range of contacts where he can promote the show. In some cases, he can even be the head of the theater show’s promotional sales. Or, the agent can sometimes act in coordination with the publicist for the show and use print, radio, and even the local television channels as a way of advertising the show. Whatever way you find the agent, you can usually get cheaper tickets from him than from buying last minute tickets from the booth in the theater.
  • Online ticket shops. Booking your cheap theater tickets online is easy. There are plenty of theaters that are affiliated with online booking agencies where you can conduct your entire ticket purchase. Just select which day and which screening you want to catch, and enter your online credit or banking information. Usually, these online ticket shops will also give you the option of printing out the tickets right from your own home, which means that you will only need to visit the theater on the actual time when you will watch the screening. Just to be sure, however, you should drop the local theater a call and double check whether your online reservation has been registered and acknowledged by the theater hall.

Whether you are hoping to get discount Lion King tickets or reservations for an intellectual classic like Waiting for Godot, there are affordable and easy ways to get your ticket. You can even reserve in advance or get last minute tickets through these ticket options.


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