How To Find Design Ideas for Party Invitations

Are you planning a wild house party, or a semi-formal wedding party? Different kinds of parties call for different kinds of tactics in set up and invitations, and the large number of varieties may drain you. If you are completely confused or just plain too lazy to think a lot about your party invitations, here are some good tips to read through and you’ll surely get closest to your ideal invitation for the party that would pale others in comparison.

  1. Use it as a complement of your party decorations or the party themes. If your party has a theme, you can use the invitations as ‘teasers’ of the party. If it is a 60’s themed party, you can design your invitations in hippy style, with Peace, Love and Rock and Roll accentuating the invitation banner. If you are into a children’s party, it is advisable to devise a children’s invitation that would appear chummy to appeal a child’s excitement. You can put some things that the guests may see and tease them to join you in celebration. However, you do not have to conform to clichés like Christmas party equals Santa Claus or Christmas trees. The technique may be to put a certain theme to your party like, “A Christmas In Outer Space”. If the venue is in a pool, put water designs to emphasize it. With these, you can come up with more unique designs and ideas that would put a quirky yet interesting feeling for the party itself in your guests.
  2. Maximize the colors. Remember that this is a party, may it be a birthday party or a victory party. Hence, it must be alive and enjoyable. Doing the contrary is destroying its purpose. You can start putting a sense of fun by filling your birthday invitation, for instance, with lots of colors. Do not forget that this is not a wedding invitation where a lot of white space can be utilized. Fill all the space with colorful images as much as possible. However, do not overdo it and make your invitation like a crowded party of elements itself. Keep the invitation card neat to let the guests understand your wordings.
  3. Do not put too much wordings in the card. Especially for shower invitations, it would be unnecessary to put too much blah on your card. Just put a statement saying that he/she is invited and put the party favors. If it requires some sort of dress up, you can specify it briefly. Say what you want to say with the design. Most of the time, a lot of words can confuse the reader.
  4. Go for the net! If you want some samples or templates that you could work, the Internet has a lot for you. There are a lot of sites out there that offer free designs. If you want some ready-made card that you like as it is posted in the web, you can look for invitation card dealers. They have a look of creative designs that you can even personalize to your discretion.

There can be many resources where you can get your designs for your party invitations. Just use your innate creativity and a little bit of resourcefulness, and you will never fret for a party invitation again. 


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