How To Find Places to Recycle Copper Scrap

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There are many locations to sell your unwanted used copper. There is a booming market to recycle copper scrap and other scrap metals, in today's market. Many people save their copper, aluminum, and other scrap metals and when they get a sizable amount, they take it to their local recycle shop. There are usually several different ones located within a 50 mile radius of one's home. Since there is competition among the recycle shops, it is best to call each of them for their top paying prices so you can determine which one you want to sell to.

There are several ways you can find the recycle shops in your area. The local White or Yellow pages in your local telephone directory are very useful. Another quick way to find them is by word of mouth. Ask some of your friends or family members about the recycle shops in your area and what their prices are. Since the prices fluctuate often, it is best to make a few phone calls and find out what their paying price is for the day.

Another very good source of information is the internet. You can find thousands of recycle shops located on the internet. Some sources will have a list of the shops in each state or city. Just do a quick search online, and you will be given many sources for finding what you are looking for. A good online source for finding locations in the US is There are many more, this is just one to choose from. Get the information for copper scrap suppliers. You can compare and contact the trusted suppliers in many areas. Each individual state also has their sources for copper recycle centers.

A problem some people may encounter is explaining where the copper came from. There is a lot of copper being stolen from construction sites, etc. because the price of copper is good right now and many need extra income. The recycle centers are required to ask where the copper comes from and keep a record of it.

There are many different grades or types of copper, and the price of copper depends on what grade or type it is. The different types of copper are Heavy Scrap Copper, Scrap Copper, Soldered Copper Pipe Scrap, Copper Wire Scrap, Beryllium Copper Scrap, Scrap Copper/Sealed Motors, Light Scrap Copper, Copper Wire Nodules, Copper Turnings, Copper/Steel BX Cable, Scrap Bare Bright Copper Wire, Scrap Copper/Aluminum Rads, Copper Content Scrap, Copper/Aluminum BX Cable Scrap, Scrap Copper/Electric Motors, and other scrap copper. Some recycle centers just have the copper categorized into several types of copper so they can quote you the prices they pay, very quickly. Some of the larger recycle centers may have more categories with different prices.


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