How To Find Soft News

Soft news is commonly referred to as infotainment. It usually features light topics such as entertainment, celebrity news and other news about human interest. Although they are factual, most of the items in this type of news are a product of the reporter’s curiosity.

Because it is more about informal events, soft news is usually included in the entertainment and lifestyle section of a newspaper. It also includes information about movie releases and recent art exhibits.

The main purpose of soft news is merely to entertain. There is also some information included in soft news that can make it useful. Soft news also tackles commonly neglected topics in hard news.

Here are examples of places to find soft news.

  • Newspapers. The newspaper is a one-stop shop for news articles. Aside from the daily headlines, it also includes articles of lighter human interest. Items under the entertainment and society section are the most common examples of soft news. There are two types of newspapers—the standard newspaper and the tabloid. Standard newspapers usually have an entire section of their newspaper dedicated to soft news. A tabloid is almost entirely soft news.
  • Magazines. Magazines, especially the ones for entertainment and lifestyle, include several soft news items. There are many informative yet entertaining stories in a magazine. Examples of these are articles about celebrities, fashion trends and other news that are mostly using less serious subjects. There are also magazines that center on a specific interest. For example, a magazine called Golf Weekly only focuses on news and articles about golf. There can be feature articles like the life story of a famous golfer as an example of soft news.
  • Internet. The Internet contains a vast area of information. Browsing the Internet is easy as well as convenient. Several websites show articles about soft news. These websites offer many types of soft news. Lifestyle, celebrity and even articles that do not have a precipitating event in the story. Although most soft news is inclined to entertainment and celebrity stories, there are also soft news for political satire and other related issues with a lighter side.
  • Television. The television is one of the most widely used communication media. Each of the channels has special types of shows for entertainment like drama, comedy, action, variety and news. The news can be categorized as hard and soft news. Hard news includes reports about politics, crime and other serious current events. While soft news is more of the light sides like entertainment news and talk shows.

Knowing where to find soft news can provide the reader an easier way to locate what they need. Searching for soft news is easy, and with the help of this article, the reader will be able to find it in a variety of ways.


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