How To Find the Most Popular Direct to Video Movies

You should be able to know the advantages that video movies have over those shown in theatres if you are a film buff. It costs much less and, being someone who never wants to miss a hit movie, watching three movies straight in a day would not hurt your budget. On the other hand, the theatres only show movies that have high chances in the box office to generate huge returns. Granting that it is the purpose, you can only expect that even the worst kind still has its days on the widescreen. In short, not all films released for theatre audiences are worth watching.

Your love for good movies, however, should urge you to seek venues other than the theatre and its commercial fares. It can be right at home with your sophisticated entertainment system or just a DVD player. You can either rent or buy an original video from any shop that provides the widest selections of movies in different genres. Afterwards, you can immediately play them in your video player while you lay about in your couch. Oftentimes, this is even better than going to the theatre.

Because your love of films stretches your curiosity beyond those being hyped on the big screen, you should also consider watching films that are offered as direct to video movies. Do not believe in talk that these types are inferior. In fact, many have good and unique plots although these are sometimes low-budgeted. If you wish to find the most popular of these movie types, try following the steps below.

  1. If there are video shops in your vicinity, you can go there and search around for movies of your choice. You should not limit yourself to what you see on the cover. Sometimes these, especially amateur movies, can have less attractive covers, although the plots are interesting and the productions are satisfactory.
  2. The Internet has a variety of websites that offer these entertainment items for a fee. You can easily download them and watch on your PC. You may also play them on your video player. The good thing about the sites is that they offer you a variety of an international scale. Hence, you can also watch good European and Asian movies. It has more diverse genres ranging from animation to video erotic movies.
  3. You should read articles on movie reviews. They usually dwell more on the blockbuster materials, but sometimes they do mention movies that are direct to video. Any movie that gets thumbs up in a video review is always worth watching. You can get a copy of the movies either from the Internet or from a video shop near you.

You may have experienced buying a bad copy of a video. You can prevent that from happening by asking the video shop to test it on their player first. Some websites also allow you to watch clips of the video movies you may want to buy online.


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