How To Find the Value of Antique Books

People who collect and sell antique books often meet with difficulties when trying to find the value of the books they have collected. They pore over a book, and try to guess what its value is. As a result, they may sell the book for much less than its actual value. 

Being sure about the value of an antique book before selling it is a very important thing. Even if you are not an expert on examining rare and antique books, you can find the value of the books by considering these things:

  1. Rarity. The rarity of a book usually determines its value. The oldness of a book does not necessarily make it rare. There are still really old books that do not cost that much. For example, old Bibles that are leather-bound are not that expensive because it can still be bought in markets today. Hence, it is the availability of the book on the market that makes it rare. The more difficult it is to find in bookshops, the more expensive it is.
  2. Condition. Books that are almost similar to their original condition have the most value. Rare books that are torn, frayed, soiled or have been written in are cheaper than those books that are still crisp, unopened, or in mint condition. It is also helpful to know the industry standards or rare book condition standards to determine the value of the antique book.
  3. Searching online. If you are not confident about your ability to check the value of an antique book by yourself, then try to search the value of the book online. Try to enter online shopping websites to check and look for the current cost of your book. There are also lots of websites that provides reviews and costs about antique books.
  4. Finding an antique book appraiser. A book appraiser is an expert in determining the value of an antique book. The bases of an appraiser for determining the value of a book are its author, publisher, date of publication, subject matter, condition and edition. Some bookstores advertise and conduct book appraisers, while there are also appraisers that can be contacted by phone or on the internet.
  5. Finding other attributes. There are also attributes that make a book rare and antique. The rarity and quality of the artwork, the design and the typography embedded or attached to the book add up to its value. The original signature of the author is also valuable.  A book is also made expensive if it was published as the first edition, or if it was owned by a famous person. Books that are collector's items or were offered in a limited time are also very much expensive.

Buying, collecting and selling antique books are a good investment. Knowing the value of these books is a very important skill in this business. Who knows: by scrutinizing your collection you might find a really rare one, and discover that it was a big treasure waiting to be unearthed.


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