How To Fire a Cannon

If you are attempting to fire a cannon for the first time, there is some vital information you need to know. It is not as easy as the ones you see in Pirate movies. Preparation also comes into play. Cannon firing is usually done in war period reenactments or simply just for getting that feeling of power. See the tips and instructions below to avoid serious injury and damage.

  1. Do a good deal of inspection before starting to fire a cannon. Check the crevices, the caps, any cracks and the way the machine works. This is extremely necessary to ensure yours and everyone else’s safety.
  2. The barrel should be dark when checked through. Any speck of red burning light means an ember was left. This is very dangerous. Nothing should be left from a previous firing before using it again. Grab a sponge and clean the bore thoroughly.
  3. Determine how much black powder is needed depending on the bore. If you are going to be using a foil, the powder should be placed in the center. Then fold it or make it into an elongated shape that would easily fit into the barrel.
  4. Push the foil of black powder using a ram rod or a steel stick carefully in the fuse hole. Be careful not to pierce the foil by doing this slowly. The objective of inspecting it earlier was to make sure that no excess powder or materials are left prior to firing.
  5. Once it is declared clean and the black powder is ready, put in the cannon fuse sticking it directly to the foil, the side of the fuse that is sticking out should be bent downwards to avoid any accidents causing the powder to light up immediately because of falling sparks.
  6. Cannons have a tendency to recoil and big ones may actually topple backwards. This means that you have to make sure that nobody is of course in front of the cannon and if there is someone behind, one should maintain a safe distance.
  7. If you are in a crowded area, a loud announcement should be made too just to give everyone fair warning.
  8. Protect children’s ears and keep them in a safe distant area. You might also want to get a couple of earplugs if you want to protect your hearing. Cannons can give off a very large boom. It’s best to be protected.
  9. Record this moment by having someone take a video of you lighting that fuse. After lighting, move back from the rear and watch your successful cannon ball firing.

Remember that firing a cannon is dangerous whatever the size of it may be. Research well about the type of cannon you are firing because some may require a different powder or a different type of maintenance to keep them in good shape.


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