How To Fix a Broken Barbie Neck

Barbie dolls can be found in just about any young girl's toy collection. And just because Barbie has had an anatomical mishap doesn't mean that she needs to be thrown out or forgotten. It's easy to repair the neck of your daughter's favorite Barbie doll. Here are some suggestions to help you fix a broken Barbie neck.

Step 1

Use super glue. If your child (or you) got a little too rough when playing with Barbie, then you may have a slight neck repair to make. If you have only a slight crack in the neck of your Barbie doll, then some super glue or crazy glue should do the trick to patch this Barbie back together. Use a toothpick to get the glue into the cracks of Barbie's neck. Keep in mind that you need to let the glue dry before you try to attach Barbie's ahead again, or else her head may be permanently attached to her neck. As the glue dries, you should try to press the crack together firmly with your fingers so that it binds to itself properly. (Hot glue will not work for this repair - it won't stick to Barbie's neck for very long so you'll find yourself doing this fix often.)

Step 2

Try adding a neck ribbon. If you have more than a slight crack in the neck of your Barbie doll, some crazy glue might not work. Or, it might leave you with an unsightly mess that makes Barbie look like anything but a fashion model. Fix a Barbie doll's broken neck by covering it up with some ribbon. You'll need to glue the neck back together, of course. But in this case, because the break is so severe and you aren't able to hide the ugly glue, you just need to add a neck ribbon on top of the glue as the glue begins to dry. Find some ribbon that is thin (no wider than Barbie's neck). And then tie it around Barbie's neck. To those unsuspecting Barbie fans, it will just look like a stylish neck scarf. Finish off the neck ribbon by tying it in a bow. Remember that this neck repair is permanent for Barbie, so choose a ribbon that you don't mind as a permanent accessory for this tiny doll.

Step 3

You can also replace a portion of the doll. Let's face it - big brothers or haphazard friends can do a lot of damage to a Barbie doll. If you have broken Barbie's neck so badly that there is absolutely no repairing it, you will have to replace it. This is possible, although not ideal. You have the option of replacing the whole top half of the Barbie doll, although some models of the doll don't allow for this. If you can't take Barbie apart at the torso and replace her with a new upper half, then just try to replace her neck. A sharp knife will remove the broken Barbie neck so that a new one can be put in its place. Cut low enough, and her clothing will cover up the scars. Otherwise, it may be time to say a tearful farewell to your unfixable Barbie doll with a broken neck.


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