How To Fold Clothes Japanese Style

Japanese shirt folding has been utilized for centuries. Although it looks complicated, it is fairly simplistic in terms of arm movements and overall concept. Moreover, folding shirts in the Japanese style is also ergonomic, which will ultimately take the pressure and strain off of your arms, wrists, and backs versus traditional shirt folding methods. Not only do the Japanese use this method, many college students who are constantly on the move and clothing retailers employ this method as well to reduce time and strain. The following detailed steps will show the art of Japanese shirt folding.

  • First, take any t-shirt or button-down shirt and lay it flat with the neck side facing up. If you are going to fold a button down shirt, make sure that all buttons are securely buttoned so that this will not interfere in the fast motion when performing the folding.
  • Next, sit or stand over the shirt. If you are left-handed your body should be facing right; if you are right-handed your body position should be facing left. For this example, we will be making the motions as if we are right-handed; therefore, your body should be facing left.
  • Take your left hand and place it on the chest portion of the shirt and pinch it. Take your right hand and trace a line straight up from where your left hand is and pinch the left shoulder portion of the shirt right on the seam. Make sure that you pinch with your middle finger and thumb while keeping your index fingers pointed toward the left as you pinch.
  • Next, take your right hand that is pinching the shoulder portion of the shirt and bring the shirt straight down past your left hand to the very bottom of the shirt; take your index finger and grab underneath the bottom of the shirt with the index finger. Your arms should be crossed at this point.
  • Next, in a fast motion, lift the shirt up in the air while simultaneously uncrossing your arms. At this point, the shirt should be almost folded. One of the sleeves should be hanging out of the shirt.
  • Finally, take the shirt and lie it down. Fold the remaining sleeve over the shirt. Now the shirt should be completely folded, with the neck portion facing up. The completed shirt looks like it has been folded neatly with everything tucked away nice and crisply.

This is a relatively simple way to fold a shirt but it does take a little practice; however, with lots of practice you should be able to fold a few hundred shirts within an hour.


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