How To Get Discount Theater Tickets

Theater is an amazing way to spend an evening; whether it's a musical, play or one man show, a trip to the theater is an escape to another reality.  A great way to enjoy theater is at a discount.  Save 20 to 50 percent on show tickets in almost any major city with just a little bit of planning and preparation.

Here are some easy ways to find and purchase discount theater tickets.

New York

New York, one of the countries most famous theater cities, sells discount tickets through Tkts.  It is run by TDF, the Theater Development Fund, an organization designed to support the arts while making theatre affordable and accessible to everyone.  Tkts discount booths have three locations: one in midtown, one in lower Manhattan and one in downtown Brooklyn.  The booths generally open at 3pm - with the exception of Tuesday, when they open at 2pm - and close at 8pm.  Boards are located near the booth to indicate what shows have available tickets for that day.   Volunteers walk up and down the lines to hand out pamphlets which offer information about the shows.   You will need to wait in line, and availability will change as the day progresses; however, in exchange for purchasing your tickets on the same day as the show, they offer a 20 to 50 discount off of the face value.  You cannot purchase tickets online through their website, but you can get exact locations for the Tkts booths, hours of operation, and more information about their services at

Chicago is a website which sells show tickets at a 50% discount price.  Inventory updates throughout the day; as long as you remain flexible about shows and times you can always find a deal.  Simply go to their webpage, select your show, and click on the link that says buy now.  Most shows available through HotTix are smaller productions outside of the downtown area, and tickets sell for as little as $10.

Las Vegas

Theater has become as popular as gambling in Las Vegas.  Well - maybe not as popular as gambling, but with each hotel offering at least one large theater, and some with five, there is a lot to choose from in this city of lights.  Tix4tonight has several booths on the Las Vegas strip.  They open at 10am and sell tickets at up to a 50 percent discount for same day productions.   The earlier you arrive the better the seats.  They accept major credit cards, traveler’s checks and of course cash.   Visit their website for booth locations, hours, and a sneak peek at some the shows offered.

To find discount theater tickets in other cities, simply type “discount theater tickets”and the city which you are interested in visiting into any internet search engine.  Websites, ticket booths, and other relevant information will be easy to find and access.


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