How To Get Reception Decoration Ideas

Parties are more memorable when they are adorned with great reception decorations. Some of the memories that stick to the minds of people were related to how the place looked that night, be it an elegant chandelier at the center of the room, a tasteful centerpiece or the color of the table napkins. The most memorable receptions are those that create a "mood." If you are planning your own reception, decorating it can be really simple. Here is how and where to get your decorating ideas:

  1. Browse the Internet. The Internet is abundant in advertisements and promotions on reception decorations. You can go to websites like or to browse through some ideas that are your fancy. There are some websites that offer unique decorating ideas and some that offer traditional decorations. It is your choice on which way to go, traditional or going for something new and contemporary.
  2. You can enlist the help of these online reception decorators by contacting them through email, fax or phone. Ask for their brochures and portfolios. It will help if you visit their showroom personally. Be sure to ask a lot of questions regarding their decorations and their installations. Ask what kind of materials they are using. Ask how long they are able to set up your reception. These questions are essential to pull off problem-free reception decorations.
  3. You can do the reception decorating yourself. Just browse through the same websites and look at decoration photos they have published. Take note of the accessories, table runners, napkins, glass and plates that they have used. You are not to copy the decorations exactly as they are, but the photos will serve as an inspiration or a mood photo for you to come up with your own decoration.
  4. Prepare your mood board. Print out the photos that you like and paste them into a board to create your "mood" or your motif for the reception that you want to have. They can be from different reception decorator's websites that you are inspired to follow.
  5. Come up with a reception decoration based on the mood photos. After selecting which decorations you like, picture the reception in the mood you like. Changing the color or the shape is really up to you. After you have finalized what you want, list them down on a paper to search for the decorations either online or by visiting stores.
  6. Another way is to ask your friends or relatives for acquaintances that are reception decorators. If you have attended a beautiful wedding of a friend, call your friend up and ask her who did their decorations. If you saw a great birthday reception idea from a relative, contact your relative and ask for her decorator. Getting reception decorations by referral is sometimes the easiest way to do it.

In any way you are to do it, whether professionally or by yourself, receptions are always one of the main events of a party. Your friends or family will surely appreciate entering a reception with astounding decorations. They will definitely remember your reception and be reminded of it when they remember your decorations.


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