How To Ghost Ride the Whip

"Ghost Riding the Whip" is the action of placing one's car in "drive" or allowing it to gain momentum and speed, and then placing it in neutral on an open street, while getting out of the car and proceeding to dance on or around the car. "Ghost Riding the Whip" was first practiced in the Bay Area (or Oakland, San Francisco and its surrounding areas) "sydeshows" and has since been spread throughout the world by means of the "hyphy movement." The hyphy movement and its meaning (rambunctious) originated from the Bay Area rapper Keak da Sneak and have since been used in reference to all Bay Area music. E-40's hit song "Tell Me When to Go" (2006) has nationalized the hyphy movement and its action of "Ghost Riding the Whip" allowing youngsters, and all who are interested, to take part in a new way to have fun with your vehicle. Mistah F.A.B.'s hit single "Ghost Ride It" also furthered this new phenomenon of "Ghost Riding the Whip."

Step 1

The Car

  • You must have an automatic transmission car in order to be able to Ghost Ride the Whip because you must be able to place your car in "Drive" or "Neutral," even when not inside the car.
  • The car should preferably be high off the ground so that you can easily get out of the car without falling out.
  • The roof and all parts of the car should have easy access so that you can not only dance around the car, but on it.
  • You should choose a street that is very straight and wide.
  • Your car should be going no faster than 5-10 mph so that you can get back into the car if necessary.
  • You can either start going 15 mph and then put your car in Neutral and get out, or aim your car uphill and place it in drive from the start so that it is a steady and continuous speed.

Step 2


Make sure to have hyphy music, such as "Tell Me When to Go" by E-40, or "Thizzle Dance" by Mac Dre, to allow yourself and your passengers the best possible experience. This kind of music is the music that "Ghost Riding the Whip" was created for and thus they compliment each other.

Step 3


  • You must make sure to be safe at all times and never get in the way of the car.
  • Dancing on the car is not advised as it is unsafe, but is very fun. Getting hyphy is the most important part to dancing, as well as having fun with the other people that you're doing it with.

Most importantly, remember to be safe at all times. I personally do not advise this action, but if you are in a safe environment and if you feel it necessary, take every precaution and measure to avoid anything dangerous from happening.


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