How To Help African Children

Many children living in Africa lack food, medical attention, educational opportunities and sanitary housing conditions.  They reside in poverty-stricken communities where polluted waters cause a multitude of diseases. Parents lack resources to provide an adequate lifestyle for African children mainly because they grew up in poverty themselves. Sadly, some of the parents have died from sickness causing the children to be orphans. You can make a difference in the lives of African children.

One way you can help an African child is through sponsoring.  Sponsoring allows you to pledge a certain amount of money monthly towards the care of a child.  World Vision is an organization that specializes in receiving donations for African children. They allow you to select the child you want to sponsor. You can write to the African child and develop a bond with him or her. There are many other nonprofit organizations you can contact to sponsor a child. Be sure to research these organizations with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the organizations are legitimate.

Another way you can help is to get your church or community involved. Once you have informed people of your concern about the conditions of children living in Africa you can form a group or club. Your group can meet with a purpose to collect money through fundraisers, to collect needed merchandise and toys, and to discuss other possible solutions. Your group may want to consider meeting at least once a month.  The more people involved in your group the more ideas will come to fruition.

Additionally, if you love to travel and have the time, many missionary groups and nonprofit organizations would love for you to join them on a trip to Africa. You can work hands on with African children and learn firsthand what their needs are. You can help in the building of schools, in providing meals, in providing healthcare, and in building homes. You can see their smiles up-close as you witness the positive changes taking place in their lives. You can obtain information from the Peace Corps for opportunities and referrals.

The number of African children who need help is increasing everyday. Their cry for help is echoing across the nations pleading for people to answer their plea for clean water, food, clothes and an education.  You can make a difference in the life of at least one child which will help them break the cycle of poverty that lingers from generation to generation.


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