How To Host a Pirate Party

Ahoy, pirates! Shiver me timbers! With everyone going gaga with the memory of Blackbeard and the flamboyance of Jack Sparrow, a pirate themed party would certainly be a hit for both adults and kids alike. If you want to host a pirate themed party, you must be willing to put in the work and effort to transform your party venue into a believable setting. It should look like a pirate ship or some setting out of a pirate movie. Here's how you pull off the classic pirate ship look for your party:

  1. Go to the hardware store and buy netting and mesh that mimic the rigging that you see in most sailboat masts. Take a couple of white bed sheets and mount them on poles that make them look like sails on masts.
  2. Create your own Jolly Roger. This is the black flag with the skull and crossbones. Hoist it up on a pole to make sure that the flag flies high and mighty with the wind.
  3. Deck out your space with all the other recognizable pirate regalia. Using treasure chests, swords, ship steering wheels and other items definitely liven up the atmosphere of the party.
  4. Prepare party favors that are consistent with the theme of your party. Days prior to the party, cut out and put together eye patches and fake beards for all the attendees. You can also use bandannas and tricorn hats. These are also a great alternative for name tags! You can also use little parrot cut-outs or stuffed toys as name cards that can double as a party favor.
  5. Serve pirate food! A pirate's buffet can literally be anything since they loot and plunder the seven seas. In times at sea though, pirates usually ate a lot of dried food since it doesn't go bad that quickly. Serving food like jerky and other preserved meats could definitely make your party swashbuckling.
  6. Give out pamphlets that contain a few pirate terms and expressions. If you can get your guests to talk like pirates for a night, you'll definitely create the environment that fits well with the motif and the decor. If everyone is into it, it can turn into a very surreal party and everybody will be raving about it the next day.
  7. What's a pirate ship without rum and whiskey? Rum would be a great choice for drinks in a pirate-themed party. If you can serve it right out of a wooden barrel, you'll definitely get extra style points. You may create a mixed drink of beer, gin, rum and sherry for those who want other flavors.
  8. Organize games that are relevant to the pirate theme. A treasure hunt would be a great idea to get your guests moving. Give out a cryptic map, and offer prizes to those who will find the loot buried in your garden or house.

If you follow these steps, it will not be very hard to come up with a believable and smashing pirate-themed party! Now, put on your eye patch and get to work!


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