How To Install a Fountain Bird Bath

Having a fountain bird bath will instantly perk up your backyard. It's always great to hear the sound of birds freely chirping and flying around especially during summer. Birds are attracted with sound of water trickling and they will always try to dip into any type of fountain bird bath. If they find the area safe, you will soon see a variety of birds suddenly visiting your garden.

Installing a bird bath is easy and it requires little time. However, what should be focused on is the type of bird bath to purchase. There are some factors that you need to consider before getting a bird bath that is right for your backyard.

The first that you need to consider is whether to get the solar powered or electricity powered bird bath. Check your garden and look for areas where you can plug the bird bath. If electricity supply is available and you think that the area is safe for having a bird bath then you can choose either of the two. It is recommended to get the solar powered bird bath. Solar powered bird bath is more cost effective and will provide you a hassle free installation. You can also move the bird bath in a different location anytime you wish to re-design your garden or backyard.

The second factor to consider is the depth of the bowl. It is best to get a bird bath with less than 3 inches deep. However, if you already found one that you think is suitable for your garden or backyard and happens to be deeper than 3 inches, you may need to get additional pebbles and stones to make the bowl shallow.

Third, consider getting a bird bath with rough or granular edges surrounding the bowl. This will make it easier for the birds to grip and hold on to the bird bath. This will also invite multiple birds to sit around and join the other birds for a refreshing bath.

Fourth, look for a bird bath that will enhance your garden. You can take a picture of your garden and bring it along while choosing for the bird bath. This will give you a good perspective and you can also seek for advice from the sales representatives. If you already decided the best place to put your bird bath, then it is also best to get the measurement of the area and use this as guide to getting the right size for your garden. Keep in mind that you don't need to overwhelm your garden so if you have a small space, then look for a smaller bird bath. Birds get attracted to any size of bird bath as long as they find it safe and clean.

Lastly, choose for a location where it will be safe for the birds to enjoy the bird bath. Remember, it is meant for them to enjoy the refreshing dip. You need to ensure that they are secured from larger animals.

Once the bird bath is installed in your garden, enjoy a daily visit in the backyard. Close your eyes and relax as you hear the birds chirping and the water trickling from a far.


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