How To Install Dollhouse Lighting

Yellow, dim, or bright lights create an ambiance in the house of your doll. They also make the house a pretty thing to look at. Whether it is from the inside or outside, they enhance the look of the dollhouse. If you want to add this feature to your little abode décor, it is time to make your purchase. You can usually find electric lighting selections at stores that sell home furnishings or art crafts. If you are into collecting dollhouses for fun and leisure, you can install these miniature fixtures into the house on your own. Here is something for the real dollhouse enthusiast within you.

  • Plan the lighting location. Assign a place where you will set up the lights. This way you will know where to situate the proper support for your lights such as wires, sockets, and outlet. Having a plan is better than not having one because you are dealing with a structure here. Alongside the plan, prepare your materials as well. Have them around before you start working.
  • Set up electric wires within your dollhouse. The miniature house will light up only when little pieces of wires surround it. This is going to be the channel where electricity will flow to the house, just like in real homes. You should purchase a complete set of wiring equipment in the same store where you got the lighting kit. Or you can check out online sites for delivery to your house. The package contains a manual that discusses how the wiring system can be put up.  
  • Install the sockets. Your sockets are actually eyelets, which you can insert through the wires and glue to the wall. They should not be obstructing the wires that are already installed in the house. You need an installation kit to properly place the eyelets on the wall. This kit is available in craft and online shops. The kit includes guideline on how to appropriately fix the sockets of your dollhouse.
  • Take your pick. Available lighting for your dollhouse comes in two kinds: those with plugs and those without plugs. The first kind includes lamps that should be connected to the eyelets installed through the wiring. This has been the conventional type of light used in dollhouses. The second kind is the push-in globe. It is called such because it is first, a wireless globe of light; and second, it lights up when pushed to a wall with wires.
  • Set up the transformer. This is the final touch to the lighting project. The transformer can be found in the lighting package. Set it up to connect every light and outlet that is installed in your dollhouse. And with one click, turn on the transformer and turn all the lights on.

Now you have a dollhouse that is full of light and beauty. The effect should not just be ephemeral but lasting, unless the wires and the lights wear off. But just the same, installing lights in your dollhouse can be this rewarding. Take the time to enjoy the sight of your ambient miniature home after working on its illumination system.


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