How To Interior Decorate Your Cubicle

If you are planning to interior decorate your cubicle, the first step you need to take, is to find out if your office rules and regulations would allow you to do so. There is no ideal way to decorate a cubicle, but since you are decorating a workstation, it is best to maintain your professionalism. You have a choice of putting a permanent cubicle décor, dress up your workspace every month, or change décor depending on a holiday or occasion.

Here are some tricks and tips you can consider when interior decorating your cubicle:

  • Decorate your cubicle guided by your corporate culture, company mission and values.
  • Do not put to much décor to the point that you do not have enough space to do your work.
  • Use good quality, recycled, creative, inexpensive or free materials.
  • Have a theme or focus element for your décor to avoid it looking like a mess.
  • Avoid as much as possible from adding noise-making materials or blinking lights that may bother or distract others around you.
  • Optimize the use of your workspace keeping in mind common sense and
  • aesthetics and professionalism.
  • Do not make your decorations expensive or too complicated. 
  • If you decorate your cubicle for a special day, work on decorating your space at least a day before the event to maximize your efforts and its use.
  • Use red as many times you want in decorating in several holidays.
  • If you are decorating in the Spring use flower designs that can stay up in Easter and on to Memorial Day.
  • Shapes like leaves and fall colors can be used for Thanksgiving and Halloween.
  • If you use pictures, keep in mind that the attire you are wearing in the picture should be decent and appropriate.
  • The content of your decorations should not distract you from completing your personal work or that of your co-workers.
  • Avoid using blinking or too bright lights and things that produce noise.
  • You can design your cubicle to have the following spots:
    • a wall or space where you can put up décor to focus on a holiday.
    • the vertical or horizontal line you can highlight to place changing colors of lights that would match the season. You can also assign colors for the months to regularly change your mood.
    • the edge of your cubicle tops where you can place lights, garlands, buntings, plants or streamers
    • tiny shelves or cubicle walls with fabric that can hold collectibles like buttons, magnets or and pins.
    • a spot where you can attach quotes or sayings for the day or reminders

Keep in mind that though your workstation or cubicle is private, it still is part of the office property and should be decorated following company policies. It can be personalized to reflect your personality but should not be decorated to attract attention to your cubicle at the expense of distracting your co-workers. Keep it simple, inexpensive and within your budget.


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