How To Join a Science Book Club

Since reading is basically a solitary pursuit, many people decide to find others of like mind to share the discovery of a new book. These clubs usually cover fiction. But if you like to read books on science, try a science book club.

In a book club, you and the other participants can get into the nitty-gritty of the author's data; discuss the ethics, possibilities, and the probabilities of the research; and work out the equations. Double check the statistics. The key is finding, or starting, the right book club.

Your family pretends to not hear you when you suggest a science book club. Your friends change the subject. Your co-workers are genuinely horrified. When you Google "Science Book Club," you get a page of those membership clubs with books to sell.

You'll have to do your own advertising - don't worry. It's not hard.

Write a brief notice, announcing the formation a new Book Club, one dedicated to books on science. Have the first book picked out to give prospective members an idea of what you're hoping to discuss. List a day, time, and frequency for your meetings. Indicate a place to meet. This can be your own home, if you feel safe doing that; a better option for the first meeting may be a small table at a local bookstore. A large corner table at the neighborhood pub would also be a good place. After all, science types love to debate over the local brew!

Be sure to include some contact information. Create an email account dedicated to your club - this will help you avoid spammers or unwanted solicitations. This is also preferable to a telephone number.

While you're on the computer composing your notice, open a window to Craigslist and post it there. It's easy to set up an account if you don't have one, and it doesn't cost anything. Find your city, and post your notice in the Community area under "Groups."  Title your notice "Join a Science Book Club."

Advertise in low-tech places, too. Your local bookstore would probably love to have your club meet there, and they may even turn the science section over to you. They will certainly let you post your notice on a bulletin board or place a poster in their window. Put a poster in the science section, too. Don't forget the periodical area, near the science magazines. You might attract the folks who read Scientific American, but have never actually picked up any of the excellent science tomes available.

You'll all learn more by sharing the fun. 


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