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More and more people find online communication useful as well as entertaining. Aside from the email, the Internet now provides other communication tools on the web, most of which are free and open for all users. One of these tools is the Yahoo Chat Room.

Yahoo's most popular chat tool is actually the Yahoo Messenger. This is where people send and receive private and instant text messages on and offline. Apart from instant messaging, Yahoo Messenger also enables users to view others through webcams as well as allow them to use voice messaging.

Meanwhile, a Yahoo Chat Room is one of the features provided by Yahoo Messenger. To avail of this service just locate "Yahoo! Chat" in the menu list of Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Chat Rooms provide the venue for people to gather and interact with others of the same interests. For instance, there are chat rooms that discuss about science, education, politics, sports, entertainment, leisure and many other topics from around the globe. Just like in the regular Yahoo Messenger, emoticons, voice messaging and custom themes are also available in the Yahoo Chat Rooms.

To join a Yahoo Chat Room, you need to have a Yahoo account that you will use every time you sign in to enter the chat rooms. If you have no Yahoo account, then sign up by going to the Yahoo main page. This is not difficult because you only have to follow the step-by-step procedure provided by the system. After signing up, you can later create your profile where you will need to give some basic facts about yourself.

You may enter a Yahoo Chat Room by going to Yahoo's home page where you will sign in with your username and password in the given spaces. Next, you click on your preferred service from the list provided. Once you see the "Groups" option in the Yahoo home page, click on it.

As you get inside the "Groups" page, choose which chat room you wish to enter. When you are inside your desired Chat Room, click the link that says "Join This Group" and you are led to the page where you will see instructions and information about the group you picked. You can now join the others and chat.

Just like in an ordinary face to face conversation, you need to find a comfortable chair while chatting in Yahoo Chat Rooms. If you are a newbie, other users are nice enough to give you updates. It is also good if you try to get an overview of the discussions currently going on by reading the messages from other users.

When chatting, there are unwritten rules that need to be followed by Yahoo Chat Room users.

  • Be respectful.
  • Be gracious.
  • Don't gossip.
  • Don't insult anyone in the chat room.
  • Don't use the chat rooms to promote selfish interests.
  • Take note that you may be denied future access if you fail to follow the rules.


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