How To Join the Survivor Reality Show Audition

We have watched a number of reality shows on TV but we have no idea how auditions are conducted. Auditions for the Survivor reality show is no exception. This reality show requires that the contestants are competitive, fearless, intelligent, and fit. The competition is stiff but the pot money for the Survivor is one million dollars.

So, how does one join the audition for this show? Of course, the information source is always the website. From the website, you will know the requirements for applicants and you can download the application and print it off.

  1. The Survivor application form has seventeen pages. Personal information includes describing yourself through three different adjectives. You also have to describe what a perfect day for you is, whether or not you have tattoos and you have to answer if you have been treated for mental illness.
  2. A videotape of yourself is also required. You must talk about yourself for three minutes and tell the judges why you are a good contestant. For this particular contest, only a VHS tape is allowed.
  3. Read all the directions on the application. Make a copy of your passport and have a passport size photo taken of yourself. Then mail the whole lot: application, videotape and copy of passport and your picture to the address given for Survivor applicants. Wait for a call.

There are times when a show runs an open casting call. If you are really intending to become a contestant for the Survivor show, check the website and find out if there are open casting calls near your area. If there is one, get the schedule and the location. Download the application form. Be on the location early.

Fill out the application form while you are with the other Survivor hopefuls. You will be videotaped again but this time by the people running the casting call. Before coming to this audition see to it that you have a ready copy of your passport and passport sized pictures. The affiliate will collect all your materials and send them to CBS Network.

When you audition, your credentials are held by the producers. From the hundreds of thousands of those who were auditioned, they will only choose the most qualified and the most hopeful. You will be fortunate if you become a finalist.

Interviews are given only to those who passed the audition. If you are one, know the location ahead of time and show up early. Arriving early is important so that during your turn to be interviewed, you are calm and composed. If you pass this interview and are invited again for a final one, be very thankful. Not everybody is given that opportunity.

During the final interview, a round trip economy air ticket is provided by the producers together with hotel lodgings. Celebrate your success and be ready for filming. This will be the real contest.

Joining the Survivor reality show audition is one step towards the real contest. But in any contest, the audition is usually the most difficult part. That is the stage where you will prove that you can be a contestant, and possibly, the winner.


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