How To Juggle Using Three Balls

Impress Someone by Juggling

Juggling is quite easy once you practice for a while. In this article you'll learn how to juggle using three balls. But before you start with three, you must practice with one and then two. It doesn't matter if you are right-handed or left-handed, you will have to practice with both to juggle. You'll need three balls that are about the same size and weight of an orange. You can start practicing with oranges or tennis balls.

  1. First with one ball. Throw the ball up, a little bit above your head and catch it with the other hand. Throw it again with the second hand, at the same height, and catch it with the first hand. Just practice for a while, until you get used to the height you'll throw and the weight of the balls.
  2. Now two balls. Start with two balls in one hand. Throw the first ball and when it is at the highest point, throw the second. Be careful so you don't have them crashing in air. If you did it right, the moment the second ball reaches the highest point of it's course the first ball will touch your hand. Start by catching the balls in the same hand that you used to throw them, so you're only using one hand at this point. When ball #1 is at it's highest point, you should be catching and throwing ball #2. Do this for some time until you're very good at it, then practice with your other hand.

    If you practice a lot you'll gain speed, and you need it to juggle with three balls.

    HINT: Practice facing a wall. Some people don't throw the ball very straight and they tend to lose control. If you practice facing a wall, the moment you start losing control, the balls will hit the wall. And then you'll know that you're doing it wrong. Also, when they hit the wall you can just stop, the balls won't fall. After practicing a while you'll see how tiring it is to bend all the time to pick the balls from the floor.

  3. Finally, three balls! Start with two balls in one hand and the other ball in the other hand. Start throwing one of the two balls that are in the same hand. At first it's much like with two balls: you throw the first, when it is at the highest point you throw the second. But after the first ball falls in your empty hand, you won't throw it again. Now you throw the third ball (that's in your other hand) and catch the second. Only after the third ball reaches it's highest point will you throw the first ball again. You're also now throwing from hand to hand, so the balls should be crossing paths with each toss. You need rhythm. It's very important to not stop throwing the balls. If you stop, the balls will probably fall. Once you get it right it's very exciting! It is very easy to learn new tricks.
  4. Practice leads to perfection. Practice and practice some more. The balls will fall and you'll get tired of picking them up but don't give up.

Juggling with three balls like that is the most simple an common way of juggling. After learning this way, you can learn more ways and new tricks on your own, the only thing you need is practice.


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