How To Learn About Façade Tarot

A tarot is a set of cards that has been in use since the fifteenth century. These cards were used in playing different card games, such as the French tarot or the Italian tarocchini. Since the eighteenth century, tarot cards have  been used for divination or psychic reading. Today, tarot cards are associated with magic and are used by psychics in determining the future of an individual.

Façade tarot is a website where you can learn tarot and have free tarot readings. Some of the other services they have on the website include reading with runes, tarot numerology, biorhythms, and more.

Here is more information to help you learn more about façade tarot:

  • Tarot reading. The system offers a free tarot reading for visitors. All you have to do is to supply your name, ask a question, choose a tarot deck, choose a spread and get your free reading instantly. After supplying the details, you can read more about the cards that came up during your reading.
  • Rune reading. This is another type of reading that is available on the façade tarot website. Runes are little stones that have symbols on them. These runes were used over a thousand years ago in Scandinavia and England. It is regarded as a pagan practice. The symbols on the rune stones are the letters from the Futhark alphabet. The runes can be made of different materials that are appropriate for the questions being asked. For business or career questions, gold runes are used. For relationships, the jade runes are used. For achievements and conflicts, the ice runes are used. For religion or spirituality, the spirit runes are used and for questions about the natural world, the stone runes are used.
  • Biorhythms. Biorhythm charts are  available on the façade tarot site. These charts represent the emotional, intellectual and physical cycles of a human being. There are highs and lows that appear on the chart and a lot of people say that they can manipulate their lives based on the cycles that appear on their charts. You can have a free biorhythm chart on the website.
  • Numerology. Numerology is another type of reading that you can get from the façade website. This practice is the act of converting the letters into their corresponding numbers. The results are then interpreted to see a hidden message in the letters. In ancient times, numerology consisted of the names, dates and lists of words, but the modern numerology only deals with the interpretation of the numbers. You can get your free numerology reading from the website.

These are some of the services that are offered on the website of façade tarot. You can learn more about façade tarot by visiting their official website at You can  do some research and read up on different topics, such as tarot astrology or aeclectic tarot, so that you can have a general idea when you get your free readings. You can even buy your own deck of tarot cards so that you can have daily readings.


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