How To Learn Chinese Palm Reading

Hand prediction, also known as palm reading or palmistry, is very famous among the Chinese people. It is done by analyzing your hands to predict or foretell your personality and future. Interpretations vary, but meanings are very close to one another, and it has been used for many centuries by different cultures. No doubt palm reading was known to be the most basic technique inside the realm of Chinese fortunetelling. You can scrutinize every line as well as creases in the palm and by looking at the characteristics of the hand, fingers and palm you can make your prediction about the person. Although palmistry started thousands of years ago, it still exists today. At the moment, it remains to be the most common technique of fortunetelling especially in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Most people don't have an identical line on their left and right hands. In this case, which hand should you use? Both hands have messages for you to know and uncover, but for accuracy and precision in reading, you should follow the "age and gender rule" of Palmistry:

Male – If you are 30 years old and below, use your left hand for a primary reading. To supplement your analysis, use your right hand if needed. Do the opposite if you are 30 years old and above.

Female – If you are 30 years old and below, use your right hand for a primary reading. To supplement your analysis, use your left hand if needed. If you are 30 years old and above, do the opposite.

Now that you know the “age and gender rule”, the next step for you to learn palmistry is to understand what hand lines mean.

1.    Life Line. The life line begins from the top of your palm, between your thumb and index down to the bottom of your palm.

  • Long and red – This means strong immune system and good vitality.
  • Thicker – The person is good with sports and other physical work.
  • Thinner – The person prefers less physical work and more brain. activities.
  • Larger – It symbolizes romance and a life full of energy.
  • Smaller – It symbolizes fatigue.

2.    Marriage Line. This is a small line on the very edge of your palm.

  • Shallow lines – They represent a complicated and a messy marriage life. You are prone to love triangle conditions.
  • Longer lines – You are very picky in selecting your mate, demanding and have a greater pressure when it comes to marriage life.
  • Line ends below your ring finger – You will have good in-laws that will share their wealth and fame with you.
  • Longer but crosses the sun line – It represents a negative effect on prosperity and popularity.

3.    Career line. This is also known as the fate line. It runs from the bottom part of the palm up from the base of your middle finger.

  • Line ends in the wisdom line – It means you will stop working based on your own decision.
  • Line ends in the love line – Your career will end because of a relationship problem.
  • Multiple broken lines – Unstable and constant changes in your job.
  • Pair lines – You have a good opportunity for a different career.

These are just few ways how you will read and learn Chinese palm reading. For the past years, palmistry has become a big part of many people’s lives. But don’t forget that it is you who will create your own future.


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