How To Levitate Small Objects

Kids, and even adults, have always been fascinated with magic tricks. There was a time when the circus was very popular, and apart from acrobats, clowns performing magic tricks were the highlight of the show.

Nowadays, one does not have to be an experienced magician to be able to pull off advanced tricks. There are now several novelty shops that sell props for magicians or even just for hobbyists. These props are specially made for tricks and were patterned from what experienced magicians use in their shows.

If you also like watching TV, you may have seen a show where a masked magician unravels some of the most popular magic tricks. One of the most puzzling tricks involves levitation. Wouldn’t you want to show off to your family and friends by learning how to levitate small objects? Amaze or even scare friends or total strangers with this simple trick. Read the instructions below to know how the magicians do it.

  • Materials you will need:
      • Clear tape or any clear adhesive such as wax
      • Clear string, like nylon or fishing wire
      • Small material to levitate, like a pen
  • Gather the materials you need. Make sure you have everything you need with you. Look for a light and small object that you will use for the levitation trick. The tape or wax that you will use should be clean and clear. Also, make sure that your string is clear and thin so it will not be visible to your audience.
  • Adjust the lighting. If you are only trying this trick for the first time, try to play with the room lighting to make sure that it does not cause the string and the tape to show. When you are more experience, you can move your trick outdoors where you have not much control of the lighting.
  • Place the clear adhesive on one end of the string. Stick it to a finger on one hand. Do the same for the other end of the string. Attach this end to your other hand. Note that the string should not be too long or too short. For now, try working with a 1 foot long string and adjust the length as necessary later on.
  • Get the small object you want to levitate. Use the clear adhesive, and stick the object in the middle of the clear sting.
  • Practice your trick. It would be best to practice your levitation trick in from of a mirror. Move your hand around and see which angle looks best. Add effects by dramatically moving your hands apart slowly and act as if you are concentrating on making the object float.
  • Perform in front of people. After practicing for a couple of times, show your new magic trick to friends and family. Make a nice story revolving around the small object you are using before doing the trick. This way, everyone’s attention will be on the object and not on its surroundings. It will be less likely for them to notice the string.

With enough practice, you can perform the trick where you can ask people to hand you a small object of their choice that you will levitate. As long as the object will stick to the string, you should be able to perform the trick smoothly.


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