How To Lie Like a Professional

Often in life you will find yourself in circumstances where you will feel the need to lie in order to get by, or achieve a desired result. While honesty is usually the best policy, there may be a time where being honest just is not on your list of options and you want to lie. Here are some tips to lie like a real pro.

  • Make sure you look the person in the lie when you are talking to him. If you are avoiding his gaze he may suspect that something is wrong. When you look someone in the eye it makes them believe that you are being completely sincere. If you are acting like you are trying to remember something look to the upper right. People usually look to the left when they are trying to make up something, and if people are straining to remember something they look to the upper right.
  • Be prepared. Do not just have a basic idea of what you are going to say, make sure you got your whole story straight. You have got to be able to answer all the questions he asks you, if you can't it will be obvious that you are making it all up because you will be fumbling. It is also good to include some truth in your lie, it makes it more believable and easier to tell, you could even end up forgetting you're lying and believe everything you are saying.
  • Talk like you normally do. The person you are lying to will become suspicious if you are talking differently than normal by doing things such as sounding like you are reciting something, sounding nervous etc.
  • Make sure your lie can not be found out. It cannot be linked to anyone or anything because they may go to that source and find out that you were lying. You have to be careful and make sure there is no way for you to get caught. If for whatever reason you get caught, admit to it, then continue to lie (for example if your reason for lying was not one that they would accept, make up a lie for why you lied that is one that he would accept so that he will forgive you for the original lie)
  • You need to live your lie. Do not just bring it up one time and then move on with your life and forget you ever told that lie, make sure you remember it, and bring it up from time to time in a casual conversation. If you never bring it up, or if you forget about it, the likelihood is that you will get caught sometime in the future.

Remember: it is better to be honest than lie!


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