How To Load a Bow with an Arrow

Using a bow and arrow is not only about aiming and shooting the target. It is also about how you properly load the arrow to the bow. This is one important task for every archer because this determines the tool's efficiency in hitting a target. More importantly, it welcomes safety all throughout the targeting and shooting experience.

Though this appears as a difficult thing, you need to follow certain procedures to ensure that the arrow is well loaded to the bow. You just don’t place it and hit the target afterwards. Everything needs to be properly done for good results. Before you dare hit your target, check out these following guidelines first:

  1. Hold the bow with your less dominant hand. If you are left-handed, you should hold it using your right hand. Same is true when you are right handed; you need to hold the bow with your left. However, you can do whichever is more comfortable for you.
  2. Position the bow pointing downward to the ground. This is necessarily important for safety purposes. For example, in cases when you lose the arrow's grip, it will go to the ground. If it is held in another way, it can hit other people and cause trouble.
  3. Place the arrow to the bow by moving it to the string's side, which is the closest to you. Remember to keep track of where the arrow points to while you move it.
  4. Place the knock of the arrow to the knocking point. If you are not familiar yet with the knock, it is the small groove in the arrow, usually v-shaped. This is the one that functions to push the arrow in the string.
  5. Tighten the hold of the arrow once its knock is already in place.
  6. In terms of the arrow’s front or head, set it on the arrow rest that is located in the front of the bow.
  7. Carefully, you can already hold the bow directly shoulder height in front of your body. Make sure you have the right position like your elbow away from the string and your arm parallel with the floor and aligned to the shoulders. Aim the bow and arrow directly to the target.
  8. Using your dominant hand, your three fingers must hook the bowstring and the arrow. The correct finger position is such that the knock is between the index and middle fingers. The index finger is above the arrow and the other two fingers must be placed under it.
  9. Following all these, you are now ready to aim the bow and arrow to the target and be prepared for your shot. You can do all these steps once you need another arrow to shoot a target again.

Granted that you follow all these steps with care and attention to detail, you can be assured not only of a good shot all the time, but also a safe one.


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