How To Load a Hand Grease Gun

Greasing vehicle parts can really be a messy job. But thanks to the hand grease gun, the task seems to be an easy and clean one all the time. Perhaps, if you are not into greasing jobs that much, you are not very well familiar with this device. This is a tool that you hold like a gun with a trigger to control the flow of grease. Having this in use makes everything easier. In fact, you can finish the task without even staining your hands.

With constant use, there will surely come a time that you will need to refill its contents.  And when that happens, you need to know how to load it with grease. You can check out the instructions for the right way of refilling your hand grease gun from its manual. This is because some guns are loaded with grease in a different way. Here are the common steps that will ensure the proper way of loading a hand grease gun.

  1. Know all of the parts of the hand grease gun. Know which one holds the grease as well as other important components.
  2. Separate the gun's extended pipe from the head by unscrewing it. However, there will be cases that this step will be difficult to perform. With that, you need to first apply a spray lubricant to its threads. After five minutes, try to unscrew it. It will be easier this time compared to your first try.
  3. Remove the trigger handle and click it with the level at its base. You just need to slightly twist it. You will know when it is locked when you hear a licking sound.
  4. Pull out the plastic cap, the one that is connecting the gun's barrel and head. If you turn the gun's cap counterclockwise, it will easily loosen.
  5. Get the grease cartridge and place it in the cylinder inside the barrel. Make sure that you purchase a cartridge or tube that fits your hand grease gun.
  6. Replace the cap into its first position. Ensure that it is connected tightly to the barrel.
  7. Push back the trigger handle. This time, the hand grease gun is almost ready to use.
  8. To check if the loading of grease is successful, squeeze the gun trigger. If the grease flows out of the extended handle, then it is done the right way. You can start using it for your car parts greasing project.

In following all these steps, you will never have any problem in using a hand grease gun again. You will no longer worry about empty grease guns since no matter where and when it happens, you can easily refill the gun. In the end, if you work with car parts often, it will be very helpful to know these steps for your convenience.


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