How To Make a Balloon Exploding Kit

Balloons are a must at any celebration or party.  You can use balloons to add aesthetics and liveliness in any event.  Most parties have a climactic event that requires a great explosive effect to produce excitement and surprise in a celebration.  Exploding or bursting balloons is one way to achieve this effect.  Setting up a balloon exploding effect is quite easy, as long as you have the right tools and guide at hand. 

  1. Search and purchase a remote balloon exploder.  The most important tool you will need to set up a balloon exploding kit is to purchase a good remote control kit.  Websites such as eBay and sell various brands and models.  Aside from these sites, there are hundreds of companies that offer party needs that you can check out.  Most remote control kits will require you to have some basic knowledge in electrical wiring and circuit boards.  If you are a newbie, select a remote control with a step-by-step guide on how to wire the circuit.  Make sure that you follow the safety guide included in the kit to avoid any electrical and fire hazards.  All heat generating items must be kept away from the remote control kit.
  2. Open the remote control casing.  Once you have chosen the right remote control unit, the first step is to open the casing to reveal the circuit boards and the wiring terminals.  Most remote control kits will have a lid that you can pop up and around 8 screws to serve as the wiring terminals.  This may differ depending on the brand or model.  Refer to the unit’s manual for instructions.
  3. Connect the battery.  Once you see the circuit board, the next step is to connect the battery.  Some remote control kits will have a built-in battery while others will need either an external or internal battery to be installed.  Assuming that you need to connect a 9V external battery, connect a battery snap’s positive and negative cables to the first 2 screws accordingly based on the charge.  A “+” requires a positive cable and a “-“needs a negative cable connection. 
  4. Connect the balloon and test it.  You will need to connect the electric cable to the next 2 screws or terminals.  Once you have connected a wire on each screw, make sure that a cable is connected from your PP3 battery to these terminals.  Once everything is in order and correctly fastened, connect a balloon to the 2 wires.  The last step would be connecting a 9V battery to the snap.  Once everything seems to be logically connected, start the test by holding down the button.  Normally, a remote control will have 2 to 3 buttons for supplying currents to each pair of screws.  If you want to connect multiple balloons, just follow the same process using the other free terminals or screws.  For safety precautions, make sure that the remote exploder is at a safe distance from possible electrical and fire hazards before conducting the tests. Sometimes a balloon bursting or exploding can be very noisy. If you want to reduce the noise, just make smaller balloons.  Adding confetti or other decorations inside a balloon can greatly increase the effect of a balloon exploding.

Turning a simple remote control kit into a balloon exploding kit can be accomplished virtually by anyone.  All you need is to purchase a standard remote control kit and add simple modifications to it.


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