How To Make a Balloon Mouse

Balloon animals still delight children of all ages. If you are looking for an added attraction at your child’s party or a fun craft to teach your children, start with a balloon mouse. This small creature is easy to create with a few minutes time and a little practice. Follow these steps to make a balloon mouse.

  1. Inflate the balloon, leaving a long tail. Since you are creating a mouse you will need a tail. Blow air into the balloon until it is filled a little more than half way, leave the rest for the tail.
  2. Tie knot in the end. Before you start twisting and manipulating the balloon into shape, you want to make sure the air is captured by tying a knot in the open end.
  3. From the knotted end, make a bubble. The first bubble will help you create the head so you should make a bubble that is close to round, about one to one and a half inches long. Hold the balloon end steady at that point then twist the rest of the balloon, this twist creates a sausage roll look.
  4. Add ears. In your hands grasp the next section of the balloon and fold over an inch wide section and twist it to separate it. Repeat this step with the next section to create the second ear. This fold in half then twist is called a flower petal. By creating the two flower petal shapes around the head, you have created the head and ears. You might need to adjust the positioning a little.
  5. Create neck. Twist a small bubble for the neck.
  6. Add front legs. After the neck twist four bubbles. The first and fourth bubble will be slightly larger than the second and third while the second and third bubble should be the same size. These bubbles in order will later become the leg, foot, foot, leg for the front of the mouse. After creating the four bubbles, hold the balloon where the neck connects to the first leg and where the last leg connects to the rest of the balloon. Bring these two areas together and twist them. You should notice the mouse now has a head and two small front legs.
  7. Make the body. Twist another bubble for the body, slightly larger than the bubble you made for the neck.
  8. Add back legs. Repeat step six to create the four bubbles and twist them together into the rear legs.
  9. Add final twist to create the tail. Experiment with this twist to position the tail downward like a mouse.

You can make a balloon mouse with these instructions. Be sure to practice a few times before performing before an audience. You may get your fingers twisted up when you start but you will have it down in no time.


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