How To Make a Book Club Selection

Have you ever wanted to join a book club, but you just didn't know which one to pick? Do you join the thousands of Americans willing to mold their literary tastes to Oprah's seemingly arbitrary picks? Or would you prefer to make a book club selection based on your actual reading habits?

There are many different types of book clubs, as many as there are reasons for joining one. Sometimes a book club can be a serious literary discussion which turns into philosophical debate. Sometimes it is a chance for young mothers to get some stress relief. Sometimes it is just a summer pastime.

What type of reader are you? Voracious? Do you need a book a week? Or would you prefer to slowly digest each book and get back to the other members of your club after a month or so? The first step to making a book club selection is to find out what your options are! Go to your local bookstore. Ask around. Check the classifieds. Check Craigslist.

Next find out what each club's book lists are. Find one whose books look interesting to you. Look for authors or books that you have been interested in reading, but have not yet had the chance to get into. Or maybe you have never heard of any of the books at all, but you like that fact. The main point is, when you're looking for a book club, make sure that you are excited about the books, or you may lose interest.

Next, if you have the time, attend a session. Feel out their style of discussion. Is this a place where you could feel comfortable expressing yourself? What type of audience does it seem to be geared toward?

If you still have not found the best book club selection for you, there is another solution. It is not that hard to create your own book club. Remember all those places you looked for advertisements? Well place your own ad. Maybe you'd like a book club for people who hate cats, or a science fiction book club, or anything! Create the perfect book club, and you will find people who will want to join up.

Finally, and this truly is the easiest, most fun, and generally best step there is--start reading!! You will know that you have truly made the best book club selection when it inspires you to read more of the wonderful books that surround you.


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