How To Make Cross Knot Friendship Bracelets: Making Bracelets

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Colorful friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets can make beautiful and intricate handmade gifts for your friends. They are simple to make, and do not require the purchase of a long list of materials. All you need is string or embroidery thread in two different colors and these instructions. Once you have that, you're ready to make a handmade bracelet. Here's how to make your own cross knot bracelet:

  1. Learn how to tie the knots.  Making a cross knot friendship bracelet requires just two different kinds of knots, making it perfect for beginners. For the first knot you'll be using, make a loop with the first string around the second string. Pull one end of the looped string through the loop, and then pull both ends tight.

    For the second knot, make a loop with all of the strings around your finger. Pull this loop off your finger, and pull one end of the string though the loop until it is tight.

  2. Cut your strings.  This bracelet requires 6 strings. It's best to use three each of two different colors, which will be knotted into a beautiful pattern. The strings should each be cut to around 28 or 30 inches long. You can even make a cross knot anklet or necklace, by tying more knots to make it longer. Make sure to cut longer strands of string if you plan to make an anklet or bracelet.  These simple bracelets can be made in any color of the rainbow, so experiment with different color combinations to find one you like.
  3. Begin your bracelet.  To begin, group your strings together side by side, keeping same-color strands together. Then tie the second type of knot, about an inch and a half from one end. This will keep all of the strands together so that you can begin tying the length of the bracelet.
  4. Make the rest of the bracelet.  First, take the three strings of the first color you are using, and tie them around the second color, making knot type #1. Repeat this, tying the three strings of the second color around the first color. Repeat these knots until you have a bracelet of the right length.
  5. Finish the bracelet.  To finish, tie a knot #2 at the end, and then tie the two ends together. Make sure that it will be large enough to slip on and off your friend's wrist, so keep the size of their wrists in mind as you determine where to tie it off. As an alternative, you can tie it directly onto your friend's wrist, to make sure it is exactly the right size.

Now you know how to make friendship bracelets. This can be a great activity to do with friends, family or even while watching TV. Your cross knot friendship bracelet will be a beautiful handmade gift to show your friends how much you value their friendship. They are a great gift for holidays, birthdays, or any day of the year. It may take some practice, but they are very fast to make once you learn how.


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