How To Make a Fake ID at Home

Fake IDs are the keys to the kingdom. Through fake IDs, you can get into places that you would otherwise be standing outside of, looking in with envy. Thanks to these marvels of the modern world, you can get into clubs, bars and other fun places.

The fake ID is an essential tool in your wallet. You can use it to make you seem older than you really are, get you through the doors of prestigious clubs, allow you to buy drinks, and in the worst case scenario, use it to pick the lock of your door when you get locked out.  Before you start fantasizing about all the things you will be doing with your fake ID, you must get one first. You can buy one, but good fake IDs are expensive. Why not do it yourself? Follow these simple steps and you can make your own.

  1. Start with a fake ID template. Before you begin making your fake ID, you have to start with a template to copy from. It is easy to find one through the Internet. A simple search should provide you with dozens of places where you can download fake ID templates. Find the one you need and you can start working.
  2. Make your own fake ID template. The best program to use in making your fake ID is Photoshop. Start by scanning a sample ID in a high resolution scanner.
  3. Start editing your fake ID. You can start editing your template at this point. Start editing with Photoshop. The text tool should work well editing text and putting in your information. You can also copy and paste your picture onto the fake ID using Photoshop.
  4. Print it. Now that you are done with your template, it is time to start printing. It is important to find the right material for your fake ID. For laminated IDs, photo paper is good to use. If it is a PVC ID, the credit card looking IDs, you can use a new material called Teslin that looks like the real thing. After this, the next thing you do is laminate.
  5. Laminate your fake ID. As good as your template is, your ID is only as good as its lamination. The lamination is the outer layer of the ID and as such, can make or break an ID. A good laminator is important for a good fake ID.
  6. Practice. You are going to waste a lot of material making fake IDs. There is always room for improvement. Experiment a little bit and make several IDs. You can pick the best one after that.

Once you get your fake ID, you will be amazed as to how much you can get away with. Try it out and if you don’t get past the big burly bodyguard, don’t worry.  Just go home and work on it some more, perfecting your technique. With a little dedication, you can make a great fake ID that looks like the real thing. One note: be careful if you are trying to buy a fake ID online. You may get ripped off, or worse, it could be a sting.


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