How To Make a Fleece Tie Blanket

During winter, wouldn't it be nice to curl up on a couch and read your favorite book while drinking hot chocolate? Doesn't that sound heavenly? Certainly, it does. But what will complete that picture is your very own fleece tie blanket that you can throw over yourself during those cold winter months.

Making a fleece tie blanket is very simple. Aside from getting to choose your own colors, you can also get the blanket size that you want. Here are step-by-step instructions to guide you in making your own fleece tie blanket.

  1. Buy two fleece fabrics for your blanket. Your local fabric store probably has a sizeable stock of fleece fabrics to choose from. You can either choose to have two flee fabrics in solid color, or you can have one in a solid color and the other with a printed design. Make sure that both fabrics are of the same thickness and texture.  To save yourself some time later, ask the attendant to cut the fabric in the same way. They should have width and length. These measurements will depend on how small or big you want the blanket to be.
  2. Find a place to lay down the two fleece fabrics together. If you are using two solid-colored fleece fabrics, you do not have to worry which side is facing out. But, if you're using a printed fleece fabric, make sure that the design is facing out.   Use pins to secure the fabrics together and keep it in alignment. The pins should be at least 6 inches from the edge of the fleece fabric.
  3. Cut 4x4-inch or 5x5-inch squares on the four corners of the fabric. Then you can cut the strips that will be knotted together. The strings can be 4 or 5 inches long, depending on how long your corners were. Ideally, the strips should be an inch in width. You can use tape to mark the areas where you should cut. It is okay if your measurements are not precise. What matters is that the strips that you will be cutting have the same measurement. As such, always cut through both pieces of the fabric.
  4. Start knotting from one corner. Take the first pair of strips and tie them together using a double knot. Do the same thing to the third pair of strips. The idea is to knot every other pair of strips until you have worked your way around the four sides of the blanket. Once you're done with this, turn over the blanket, and then continue knotting the remaining pairs of strips.
  5. Finish the blanket. The corner should be tied in such a way that the bottom right connects to the top left.

Voila! You now have your very own fleece tie blanket. You can now enjoy the winter months wrapped in one of your own creations. Consider making a fleece tie blanket to give to your family and friends during the winter season so they will always feel the warmth of your love.


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