How To Make a Hangover Survival Kit

Having a hangover survival kit handy does not seem very important right now, but when the time comes you will be very pleased to have the necessary items to cure a hangover.  Making a hangover survival kit is a simple process that anyone can do. Plus you can add the items you need or don't include the items you will not use.

Step #1:
Find a bag to carry the necessities.  This bag can be a simple paper bag from the grocery store or something a little nicer that has straps, which would make it easy to carry.  Be sure that the bag is large enough to carry all supplies.

Pack several water bottles.  Make sure it is unopened bottles of spring water.  If tap water is left in bottles too long it could have a metallic taste.  In this case, having funky tasting water is something you will want to prevent.

Step #3:
Include a couple different snacks.  Examples of good snacks to include are pretzels, crackers, saltines, etc.  Since you do not know when the hangover survival kit will be needed, it is important to pack snacks that will not go stale. For instance separating a large bag of pretzels into smaller zip lock bags or maybe even just buying snack size bags.

Step #4:

Pain reliever is an important key to getting through an intense hangover.  Aspirin or ibuprofen is good examples.  Travel size packages are available at most stores.  Although the travel size will only include a handful of the needed medication, including a small bottle would be a better idea for those who will not be heading straight home.

Step #5:
Don't forget to add baggies.  I suggest gallon (or possibly larger) zip lock bags.  Make sure they are durable because the last thing you want is vomit being spilled anywhere.  Get enough to last.  It would be awful to run out of baggies before your stomach runs out of food needing to come back up.

Step #6:
Something to clean up a potential mess. Baby wipes would work best but napkins will get the job done.  Just in case someone doesn't have enough time to grab a baggie, can also be used to wipe off a dirty face.

Step #7:
Include a fresh T-shirt.  Just in case you cannot head straight home.  Who wants to wear a dirty, smelly shirt with god knows what already on it.

Step #8:
Sunglasses.  We know everyone owns a pair of sunglasses, but after a night of partying can you assure yourself you will be able to locate them?  Include a cheap pair or maybe a pair you have that you no longer wear.  They will relieve headache causes by a bright and sunny morning.  Also they could hide a pair of bloodshot eyes.

Hopefully the 8 steps listed above will help relieve your hangover so you can get on with your day.  Don't forget to add and leave out the items you don't think are important.


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