How To Make a Low Budget Horror Film

Watching films is one our favorite pastimes. Luckily, we have different varieties to choose from: comedy films, drama films, romantic films, action films, and of course, horror films.

Film producers are great in experimenting with the methods of creating horror films. They even make sequels and trilogies. Some films are even based on true stories. Film producers have ventured from using monsters and aliens to ghosts and zombies for the scary effects. Vampires and werewolves have been used, too. Some horror films that were big hits have remakes with better effects.

Some aspiring film producers choose to make horror films as their launching movie. If you have the right concept, your film may even be noticed by big production houses. This will mean easy money and swift success.

For starters, you may have to go low budget. If this is the case, here are the steps on how to make a low budget horror film:

Prepare the materials needed. To make a low-budgeted horror film, you need to be ready with your screenplay, cast of characters, a video camera, and most important of all, your finances.

Be ready with a good script. The script is the backbone of the film, especially for horror movies. You can either find one or you can also create your own script. Make sure that you have a good plot to work with. Your audience might get bored with the flow of the story. Be creative and original. You don’t want your film to be tagged as a copycat of an existing horror film.

Cast the right characters. Remember, you only have limited budget. You have to make sure that you get the right actors for the characters of your horror film. They have to be able to give justice to the roles they are going to portray. You don’t want to waste your money. There are a lot of starting actors who are very talented. Take the time to choose.

Get a video camera. You can either buy your own video camera or you can rent one. Familiarize yourself with the video camera. Make sure you are comfortable when you are using it.

Check your finances. Make sure that all expenses are accounted for. You don’t want to go over your budget. Before you start with your film, you have to be aware of how much you will need to spend for each section of film-making.

Storyboard and edit your horror film. For the film’s storyboarding, you need to create a feasibility study for the schedule. Make sure that it fits your actors’ and crew's schedule since most scenes are shot at nighttime. When editing, you need to use a computer with the software suitable for your editing needs.

Not all horror films require a very big budget. In fact, most successful horror films are the ones that were shot independently. Just think of a good story, work with good actors and you are sure to have a hit.


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