How To Make a Magazine

While magazines you see at the newsstand or in the library are professionally produced material, you can make your own homemade magazine as an interesting school project or as an activity to keep your children occupied during holidays.

Step 1

 Materials needed.

  • Chart or board paper for the front and back covers
  • Regular paper for the inside pages
  • Color markers, pictures, photos, etc
  • Scissors, glue
  • Writing pen with black ink

Step 2

Prepare the covers. Cut out a large rectangle shape from the chart or board paper. When folded the chart paper should match the dimensions and look of a magazine or book cover. On the front-side of the folded paper, write the title of the magazine in capitals and a bold print using a color marker. On the left hand top, write out the issue number and month and year of publication. You can either draw, or paste any picture below the title to make it look colorful. On the inner side of the cover page, you can write out a small introduction about your magazine and provide a list of contents as well. On the outer side of the back page, you can mention the price; provide the credits for the creation of the magazine, mentioning who did what in the entire process.

Step 3

Writing the inside pages. Write out the contents in detail on paper which is cut with the same measurements as the cover pages. Add or draw pictures to make the appearance look attractive and to also provide substance for your various articles. You can make any number of such pages as you want in the magazine.

Step 4

Putting the magazine together. Fit the content pages inside the already prepared covers of your magazine and staple them together so that no page hangs out loosely or comes off when turning the pages. Your magazine is now ready for distribution!

There is no limit on the number of articles and material you can put in your magazine. You can make a magazine covering general interest, or if you wish, make it about a specific subject and fill it with as much relevant information and artwork as you want. This is a very interesting and fun way in which to spend time together as a family during long vacations, keeping everyone occupied. Encourage your children to distribute the new ‘magazine' among their friends and impress them.


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