How To Make a Personalized Bottle Opener

Whether you’re at a house party raising glasses with friends or just at home trying to look for something to drink in front of your fridge, it’s a given fact that there’s nothing worse than not a having a bottle opener in your kitchen drawer. Without one, that cold beer, bottled soda and canned goods won’t be yours anytime soon. If there were one thing anybody in a rush to splurge over a beverage in a sealed container would want, it would have to be his urge to open it right away. With that being said, you can easily get hold of one if you just put more color or life in it to make it more handy and easy to find. Just like any dining and party essential, bottle openers can also be personalized like customized spoons and forks.  For tips on how to modify such utensils, this article may help you give some ideas.

  1. Beer Opener. If you want a flashy beer opener, you might want to avail one of those pieces being sold online at where you can design and buy your own opener or better yet, make one yourself. Made out of extremely high quality metal chrome, their beer openers can work on any type of beer bottle and many other types of bottles. To make it more personal, your picture can also be placed and sealed with a crystal enamel coating. Not only is it catchy but it can also be protected from scratches, heat, damage and even water. Lastly, they come with a keychain attachment that you can easily fasten with your belt or your purse.  

  2. Can Opener. While beer bottles can be opened using an opener with sealed pictures and key chains, you can also make customized can openers by including a magnet to keep the item handy at all times. Having it glued on the refrigerator door, it can easily be found in the kitchen whenever needed. Aside from canned goods, beverages in cans can also be opened using these trendy tools. If you also want to put a more personalized take on it, you can include an attached nail cutter or colorful beads to make it look like more than just a can opener but rather an accessory.  

  3. Wine Opener. Although it really is much easier to open canned goods and bottled drinks with sealed caps and crowns, there’s still no good reason not to carry around a handy wine opener that can also be personalized. Most wine openers feature sturdy corkscrews and levers which easily open wine bottles. With durable coil cutter blades cleanly slicing through the most stubborn foils, you can make your wine opener better by putting pieces of jeweled stickers on the sharp edges to make it look more sparkling and easy to find.   

Having a hard time opening wine bottles, canned soda and beer can be very nerve wrecking while having the necessary kitchen and party essentials can be very helpful. Carrying these handy and personalized openers that are very useful makes drinking worth the sip.


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