How To Make a Picture Frame

Making a fancy picture frame can be a fun activity that can be honed to be a revenue earner. Think twice before throwing out that unwanted corrugated cardboard box. It could just be the material for your fun picture frame. Of course, keep a pair of scissors, glue, paint, paint brush and a roll of tape at hand. A cup or a wine glass, color paper and half a cup of pumpkin or apple seeds can also come in handy.

Step 1

Lay the flat side of the corrugated cardboard facing up.

Step 2

Trace the bottom of the cup or wine glass on the cardboard. Draw similar outlines close to one another. The edges of the circles should touch each other.

Step 3

Trace out four such strips. The strips should be equal for a square frame. For a rectangle one, two of the strips should be longer.

Step 4

Carefully cut out the circles so that it resembles a chain. Paint the corrugated side with any color. I would suggest gold paint as it will look nice for a fun frame.

Step 5

Place the strips in the shape of a frame. After the paint dries, the strips have to be laid out in the shape of a frame. You have to adjust the size of the frame suitably if the picture or painting is ready.

Step 6

Put glue on the ends of the frame with the painted part exposed and let it to dry.

Step 7

Place the picture or painting on another piece of cardboard. Then place the frame on the outside edge of the picture or painting. The edges of the painting should be under the frame. Draw an outline around the curved edges of the frame and cut out the cardboard one centimeter inside the line.

Step 8

After this, stick the frame to the cardboard with the picture or painting in between.

Step 9

Decorate the frame. It would be a good idea to paint pumpkin or apple seeds with suitable colors to decorate the frame. The painted seeds can be pasted to the frame. Color papers can also be used to decorate the frame. I suggest cutting out shapes of leaves in small sizes to be glued to the frame.

Step 10

If you want a free standing frame, cut out a strip of thick cardboard. The bottom should be wider than the top. The top should then be bent and taped to the back of the frame. Your home-made fun picture frame is ready for display.

This fun activity will keep vivacious kids preoccupied. It provides them an outlet for the creativity and not much parental supervision is required. At the end of the day, the frame that adorns your mantle piece will certainly attract attention of friends, relatives and other visitors.


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