How To Make a Prize Iceberg

Making an iceberg full of prices is a fun idea for a summer party. The children will love this. It's a cool game, literally. Make sure you prepare a plastic table cloth where the iceberg will set. This is definitely an outside game. Use your picnic or patio table, so clean up won't be so bad.

  • Buy children's sunglasses for each child or have their parent bring them a pair (to protect their eyes).
  • Purchase several little toys from the dollar store including enough plastic hammers for each child.
  • Buy enough tacks for each hammer.
  • Have quarters or some type of coins set aside.
  • Buy a large bag of ice from the grocery store.
  • Keep frozen till the day before the party.
  • Take the bag out for about 30 minutes.
  • Set the partially thawed bag of ice into anything funnel shaped. A large plastic flower pot would do the trick.
  • Arrange all the toys and coins into the ice in different spots.
  • If you don't have room to put the bag of ice and flower pot into your freezer, then use several large rubber bands to shape the ice to make it look like an iceberg.
  • Freeze the bag with toys till about 15 minutes before the party.
  • Tear away the bag from the ice and set it on the table where all the kids can reach.
  • Give all the children a plastic hammer with a tack stuck into the part of the hammer they will beat the ice with.
  • Let them beat away at the ice and hear the screams when they find a toy or coin.
  • Sing the children's song "Peter hammers with one hammer" while the children are hammering away at the iceberg.
  • Supervise carefully to make sure ice chips don't hit a child too hard.

You might want to have towels handy, so the children can dry off after chipping away at the iceberg. Children always love surprises, so make sure the ice bag has plenty for each child. After the party, if they want to take their hammers home, make sure you take the tacks out first.


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